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    This is what PAIN sounds like…

    Confirmed: Deal Bottom Line: I’ve tested dozens of these stun gun flashlights over the years (and sold quite a few of them as well). But when I heard that the guys at Concerned Patriots were giving them out for Free, my first reaction was… you’re joking? The only way you could do that is if […] More

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    Fresh Find: Free “Gourmet” 72-Hour Survival Food Kit?

    Free 72-Hour Survival Food Kit From Food4Patriots: Is It A Fresh Find… Or Will It Leave You With A Bad Taste In Your Mouth? Confirmed: Deal Bottom Line: I have tasted a ton of survival foods over the years, from dehydrated and freeze-dried, to canned, and even ration bars. And, unfortunately, most of them have […] More

  • Free Credit Card Knife [Deal or Dud?]

    Is the free credit card knife a wallet-sized wonder…Or a cheaply made blunder? Confirmed: Deal Bottom line: At $4.95  for shipping, the free credit card knife is a pretty damn good deal.  Is it going to save your life and fend off that wild bear attack in the middle of the night….no.  But it does […] More

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    If You Own A Gun You NEED To See This…Before You Hit The Range

    Jason Hanson is offering “Tech Mats” for two of the most popular guns on the market, PLUS his Handgun Cleaning Secrets DVD for FREE (+9.95 S/H)… but is it really worth it? Confirmed: DEAL The short answer: HELL YES! I first saw these tech gun mats a few years ago at SHOT show… and when they […] More

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    Is The LifeStrike Pro Really A Foolproof Firestarter?

    The “Free” Lifestrike Pro firestarter from Survival life: Too Good To Be True? Confirmed: Deal Bottom line: This magnificently simple firestarter is one of the best I’ve ever come across.  It’s as easy to use as a zippo: just open, strike, and ignite. Snag one (or more) of these now and test it out for […] More

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    Is the “Free” Everstryke Match from Survival Life Really Free?

    The “Free” Everstryke Match from Survival Life: The Ultimate Fire Starter? Or Just A Flash In The Pan?” Confirmed: *PUSH* (read below) Bottom Line: This matchbox-style fire starter is an upgraded version of the old flint and steel model that has its own self-contained fuel source. When it comes to a survival situation, you can […] More

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