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Best 3 Emergency Candles

Having looked at the necessary features required to select a good survival candle, let us look at the best 3 emergency candles one could get these days. Of course, these candles were selected upon thorough considerations of essential factors, including burn time, wax, wick, smell & chemical emissions. Here we go.

Shortlisting the Best 3 Emergency Candles


STERNO 30278 — 100-hour Survival Liquid Wax Candle


STERNO has long earned its reputation as one of the most trusted brands when it comes to survival candles, and the brand does not disappoint here — apparently. Coming in at first place is its 30728, a 13.16 FL oz. candle that uses liquid wax & lasts up to 100 hours. This is the core candle for survivalists. It comes pretty straight: no melting & no strong scents (whether pleasant or not). 

Smoke emission is a no-no, courtesy of its top-grade wick quality. As a result, you can use this Sterno wherever, indoors or outdoors.

The precaution is nothing new. Just that the candle contains titanium dioxide & a host of other harmful ingredients and should therefore be kept from toddlers who tend to chew just about anything.

Before use, make sure to go through all instructions attached.

COGHLAN 9248 — 36-hour Emergency Candle


If compactness is your thing, then look no further. And while there are several candles with compact sizes, none beats the Coghlan 9248, which has a life expectancy of 36 hours & burns very brightly. The candle comes in a canister & with matches, has a protective cover, and weighs just 6 ounces. And to explain its brightness, it features three wicks, all of which can be lit at once, or one after the other — depending on the mood. 

Coghlan 9248 does not last for 100 hours (far from it), but it’s honestly fine considering its size & weight. Each wick lasts 12 hours, so when they are used one after the other, a day & half of brightness is assured.

I recommend this candle if you’re going on a hiking or camping trip since it does not take up space & will not weigh you down. 

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS — 120-hour LOT of 2 Candles

What do you say to a candle with the ability to give you five days of light when catastrophe hits? Purely amazing, isn’t it? This LOT of 2 is an excellent survival candle mostly recommended as a supply against doomsday and not as a supply to pack while camping. 

The candle is stashed in a thick glass jar, so be rest assured that accidents will hardly break it. This is why I believe carrying this item on a hiking trip would be quite inconvenient. It is also a great supply for winter survival. I mean, think of it: you can put it on morning & night for five straight days. Most remarkable, don’t you think?

As its name suggests, this candle comes with a twin if you need more, both of which are odorless, white & leave no messy drips.

Concluding the Best 3 Emergency Candles


Taking a cue from these candles’ impressive specs, it is apparent that there’s hardly a better choice. Shop for any of these best 3 emergency candles, making a choice according to your need. That’s that. I, for one, strongly suggest that you stockpile any of the 100+ hours candles in your pantry. Better to be prepared ahead than be caught off guard.