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Best Brands Of Survival Knife

Picking from the following best brands of survival knife will ensure that you get sufficient value for your money. The brands on this list have been in use for a long while and are well trusted among survivalists and preppers. Keep in mind that a good survival knife is enough to last you for as long as 20 years. Let’s see the seven best brands of survival knives to buy below.


7 Best Brands Of Survival Knife


Hoffman Richter Knives


The Hoffman Richter is produced from high-standard 440 degrees stainless steel. This outstanding material gives the blade a perfect balance, which has an edge but is easy to sharpen. Also, this knife is coated with ultra-tough titanium, meaning that it possibly lasts for decades.


Benchmade Survival Knives


Benchmade Survival has earned a great reputation among survival knife makers. One of their premium products, the 150 Nimravus, is perfect for use afield. It is proof that stainless steel knives are still very much useful in knife construction. Benchmade gained fame through the excellent quality of their survival pocket knives.


Blackheart Survival Knives


Like the preceding mentions on this list, Blackheart is one of the forerunners of this industry. Their famous survival knife, the Gunner 12, may be expensive, but its superiority cannot be argued. The knife has a wide range of remarkable features, one of which is its ability to cut just fine regardless of its position. This knife’s thickness makes it very good for bushcraft survival and has been incorporated as a tactical weapon for law enforcement officers.


Brite-strike Survival Knives


Well, this may be most preferred by the tech-savvy. The Brite-strike comes with quality LED flashlight, thus passing for a multi-tool to most preppers and survivalists. Obviously, this knife is ideal for hunting and wilderness survival.


Browning Survival Knives


Browning has always had a formidable reputation, right since its days in the firearm industry. So, when it decided to produce survival knives, we expected nothing less. Thankfully, every knife produced by Browning is of high-quality. They are mostly preferred by preppers with small hands due to their small sizes.


Buck Knives


Buck makes great knives, that’s no doubt, but we’ll focus on only one of their knives called the Punk here. The Punk is the result of a joint effort between Ron Hood and Buck. The knife makes for a great bush blade and will also do well in combat situations.


Condor Survival Knives


Condor is a steady presence on every list concerning survival knives. Its premium offering, The Bushlore, can be taken as an example. The knife is made from excellent materials and comes with a premium sheath. Its blade is forged from carbon steel and is about 4.25 inches long.


Takeaways From The Best Brands Of Survival Knife


A wrong purchase is never advisable when packing your survival gear. While hunting or cutting, you should select out of the best brands of survival knife highlighted above for a smooth experience. Always remember that a costly, high-standard one-time purchase is much better than cheap, low-quality frequent purchases.