Best Concealed Carry Holsters Available on the Market

Choosing out of the best concealed carry holster available on the market can be confusing due to the level of saturation. Some companies have up to 5 different holster models, while some even go as far as above. 

This guide was created to help you select the holster that’ll offer the best value for money.

Shortlisting the Best Concealed Carry Holsters Available on the Market



While this brand’s unusual name must have evoked laughter the day it was introduced to the market, I can guarantee that no one’s laughing now except the manufacturer. The WTPIW holster is produced to cater to nearly every gun model’s carrying needs, made with top-grade materials; you can be sure of excellent functionality & absolute comfort when in use. The product is adjustable, so you can adjust its height or angle by tweaking the clip. Also, you can move its carry waistband up & down for a smooth draw & better access to the weapon.

The product was made from Kydex (waterproof), so it can be worn anywhere without bothering about the gun’s safety. It doesn’t irritate the skin too, so it’s a great piece for an EDC event. You can wash the holster without the fear of rot. And not to forget that it maintains the integrity of its structure for long. 

There’s no pressure at all on the pelvic or abdominal body parts due to its lightweight. You have a limited lifetime warranty, meanwhile. 

MUDDY RIVER Kimber CC Holster


Handmade using natural water buffalo leather, this holster is one of the best you’ll find in the American market. It is made from good quality and has a softness that never turns rigid throughout a lifetime. Also, the stitches are expertly made — as though a machine did them, and we haven’t mentioned that they are reinforced to avoid opening. 

There’s a 10° cant angle for extra flexibility. The Muddy River CC holster works great on all body and belt types. You can keep a Beretta Pico, a Kimber 9mm, or another gun of smart caliber concealed at your waist. The gun feels comfortable due to its lightweight & looks very appealing despite its old design. Anyone passionate about guns will undoubtedly appreciate it as a gift.

An even better feature of this holster is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. So, if it gets damaged after purchase, you can send it back for repair for free. 

BLADE-TECH Klipt CC Holster


The CC holster by BLADE-TECH is designed for Ruger, Sig, Springfield, S&W, Glock & various gun types for 24/7 convenience & concealment. It is made using excellent materials that don’t lose structure under pressure. In addition, the cant angle of the gun is turned inward at the grip, so it would still hide your weapon even if you were tucking your shirt in your pants.

This product allows you to draw the gun in a rapid motion, offering you a considerable tactical advantage. And unlike most products, it is ambidextrous, meaning that it can be used by both left- and right-handed persons. Besides, the holster locks your gun safely & will retain it perfectly even while you run or jump. 

To conclude, the gear features a positive trigger guard, which prevents pulling the trigger accidentally. 

Finalizing the Best Concealed Carry Holsters Available on the Market


Holsters are a significant consideration for every gun owner. Finding one that will hide your gun perfectly is a great advantage. Which of the best-concealed carry holsters available on the market today shortlisted above would you pick? Let’s hear from you.