Best Emergency Food Bars

When sweating through the dirt & grit, the least you could do for yourself is eat of the best emergency food bars. They are your finest choices in SHTF scenarios & anything else will hardly work. They offer just what you need to get through: calories! One or two bars are enough to see through a full day after a catastrophe or in the wilderness.

Plus, they are easy to carry along. They weigh little, are independently packed & boast excellent shelf lives. They will serve you when camping, hunting, fishing, or hiking. They are also edible as snacks.

While we appreciate the vastness of the emergency food bar options available to us, such a large amount of offers make it difficult to pick wisely. Use this guide to make the finest choices you & your taste buds will be happy with.

3 Best Emergency Food Bars

DATREX 3600 Emergency Bar


The DATREX 3600 is easily the best in this list — thanks to the pleasant taste, moderate pricing & absence of nuts. A single pack comes with 18 bars of 200 calories each, totaling 3600 calories overall. The tablet-like packaging of the bars makes it easy to ration them & keep separately in varying kits. 

The best thing about the DATREX 3600 is that it doesn’t contain any GMO. The lack of nuts also means nearly everyone can eat it. 

There are no preservatives either. The ingredients used include coconut, cane sugar, wheat flour, salt, vegetable shortening & whatever is natural but never artificial. This food will last 5 years on your shelf & it does not provoke thirst — implying that you can minimize water drinking in the wild. 

The packaging can be tricky to get off, though, which can be frustrating when already stressed. It has a neutral taste, but the smell of coconut is quite noticeable. When eaten as advised (one bar every four hours), this pack will last for five days.

SOS Labs 3600 Food Bar


The 3600-calorie food bar from SOS Labs is an excellent option if you’re searching for an affordable product with uncompromised quality. I’m saying that this product is cheaper than the DATREX, although it lasts for only three days.

The pack is available in 9 separately wrapped bars, so eating three a day (like a normal routine) should be easy. Each bar supplies 410 calories, which is much better than DATREX. These bars are filled with vitamins & minerals sure to keep you strong. 

This bar is approved by the US Coast Guard. It is non-thirst provoking too and tastes pleasant — like the taste of shortbread cookies.

MAYDAY Emergency Food Bars


This is easily the tastiest food bar in this listing — thanks to its evident (but not overwhelming) apple cinnamon flavor. You’ll have them to chew for long, too, as there are 20 bars in each pack. Also ideal if you have a large family or are stocking up for long. 

They are nut-free, so do not worry about allergies. They, however, contain soy.

The pack offers 3600 calories, and the only reason I didn’t make this the best overall is that the pack does not come in already cut portions — like the previous ones.

Concluding the Best Emergency Food Bars


Do justice to your taste buds even in times of war with any of these best emergency food bars. They are affordable & healthy to eat for long. What’s your pick of the three above?