Best Emergency Whistles to Buy

In this article, our focus will be on the best emergency whistles to buy this year. Remember that your whistle can be your lifesaver in many ways, and you should always have it on you. 

Shortlisting 3 Best Emergency Whistles to Buy

UST JetScream


The UST JetScream is a loud whistle that gets up to 122db. You should see enough reason for it to be our chart-topper already. This may be one of the loudest whistles you can find anywhere in the universe, even among the Titans. Ordinary noises line talking, singing, park noises, horning, or whatever are barely as loud as this whistle. A common agreement among everyone who’s used this product is that it is deafening. Many reported that their ears could still hear the ringing several hours after blowing it. It’s just the perfect gear for when you send your kids into the wild or have to shrill your way to rescuers.

There is a disadvantage to the JetScream, though, and that’s the fact that you need to put in all of your lung force if you wish to reach 122db. This can be quickly draining in a survival scenario. 

STORM All-weather


This rugged whistle is also blatantly loud. It may rival the UST JetScream for the loudest emergency whistle in the world (but not the universe — note that). I can confirm that this whistle is so loud that people have to cover their ears while blowing it. In fact, you should use a pair of earmuffs if you’ll be blowing for long. It’d be painfully funny not to hear the calls of emergency rescuers because your ears are still ringing from blowing your whistle. There’s no doubt that having a whistle like this with you equips you fully for whatever poo may hit the fan. 

This whistle is 75% louder than even the loudest referee whistle and can be distinctly heard even if blown at a depth of 50 feet underneath water. 

FOX 40


The Fox 40 is considered the Sonic of whistles, thanks to its far-reaching, piercing shrill whenever blown. The incredible thing about this whistle, though, is that it is blown easily. Even if you’re asthmatic, you’ll blow the FOX 40 to its maximum ability. The whistle’s mouth has a rubbery feel, too, so the mouth doesn’t hurt from extreme blowing. Also, the material does not stick to your lips & it can be cleaned very easily. 

As I said, it’s a wonder that the FOX Sonik can be easily blown. It can reach 120db, and it’s nice that blowing takes nothing out of the lungs. 

Concluding the Best Emergency Whistles to Buy


Every of the best emergency whistles to buy shortlisted above has a pea-less design, meaning that there are no moving parts that may jam when blowing. It is always recommended to buy brightly colored whistles so you can recognize it easily if it gets lost. A worthy mention is the VIRGO Titanium.