Best First-aid Kits to Buy This Year

Let’s look at the best first-aid kits to buy this year, as they are very important. Remember that remaining healthy is a big challenge in a survival situation. Having the know-how & tools to handle injuries in time can be what draws the line between life & death. The two kits below were selected with full focus on your safety, and this may have caused us to consider less of the price. 

Check out the kits below & make a pick knowing that you selected one of the best products available on the market.

2 Best First-aid Kits to Buy This Year


EVERLIT Emergency Trauma Toolkit


EVERLIT is a company that’s spent a lot of decades in the industry — call it a veteran in the business. And as always, the brand outperforms competitors with its Emergency Trauma Kit. This kit is also a superior to the company’s standard survival first-aid kit. It contains most essential equipment but also some items that you may eventually have no use for. 

A quick rundown of the features this box provides is enough to convince you: 

Every supply in the box is FDA-approved.

The kit features a military-style tourniquet.

In the kit, you’ll find:

  • 40 alcohol pads;
  • 2 disposable latex gloves;
  • 1 36” splint roll;
  • 1 Israeli-styled pressure bandage;
  • 1 survival blanket;
  • 1 medical burn dressing. 

These are but a few of the tools in the EVERLIT trauma kit, but what I find remarkable is that the box does not contain a lot of useless items. 

Delta Provision Tactical First-aid Kit


The Delta Provision Kit is compact & less equipped than most first-aid boxes you’ll come across. But if there’s anything that I’ve learned with time, it is that the value of a box is not defined by the number of tools that it contains. It is common to see first-aid kits offering up to 50 pieces, of which 30+ are unnecessary. To its credit, the Delta P. packs every gear that is essential to first-aid operations. All important tools are readily available.

The compact size of the D. Provision Tactical kit makes it a perfect fit for light traveling. So, if what you want is an efficient box that’ll conveniently fit into a day bag, briefcase, or an overnight bag, this is the best option for you. 

This little kit contains: 

  • Assorted sterile wipes & pads;
  • Gauze packs;
  • Alcohol wipes;
  • Roll-up splint;
  • Israeli bandage;
  • Burn gel;
  • MOLLE attachment points;
  • Triangular bandage.

Do note here that I always advocate that anyone who carries concealed should move with a trauma kit too. God forbid that you accidentally discharge a shot, but if you did, it would be life-saving to have the means of treatment on the ground quickly. You may need to use it on someone else too. The Delta Provision Tactical First-aid Kit surely provides everything that you need to survive an emergency.

Concluding the Best First-aid Kits to Buy This Year


Obviously, we have shortlisted just 2 best first-aid kits to buy this year, but that’s because there’s no need to consider more. These are the very finest kits you can get this year. Remember that your safety is very important in the wild — you should have the best at hand.