Best Generic Kits on the Market

The below mentions are the best generic kits on the market, and I strongly advise that you have one of them. This is because you need to have kits that will not disappoint you when push comes to shove. You may see differences in the options below: just choose what’s best for your needs & preferences. 

4 Best Generic Kits on the Market


47-in-1 Survival Gear Kit


The 47-in-1 survival kit is mostly suited for EDC events. And here’s what to know about EDCs: you’re never too prepared for it. So, there’s no thing like having too much gear to face the situation. The problem you may have with plenty of tools would be packaging. I’d hate to fill my bug out bag with gear & gear only. This is why I always appreciate kits dedicated specifically to gear carriage. This kit has 47 tools in a rugged case that assures you of durability. Available tools range from the basic essentials like knife, flashlight, first-aid kit & paracord to more advanced ones.

What I like most about this kit is that you do not have to rack your brain for the items to put in. The best tools come with it. 

250-pieces Survival Kit by EVERLIT


If the 47 above won’t do the job for you, 250 surely will. This kit comes with many tools, as well as a military-standard survival bag featuring outer molle attachments. The kit has more than enough for you, so be ready to share with others. This aside, you have the typical set of EDC tools to add.

The case is resistant to water & very durable. This means that this kit will do just fine whether you’re fishing, camping, or hunting. It is also a great thing to have it you’re bugging out for some weeks. 

SUSTAIN SUPPLY Family Emergency Kit


For a survival bag that will keep you recharged with food for 72 hours, this is your best choice. What’s more: there’s more than enough tools for a family of four to pick from. This kit offers up to 24 meal servings, a first-aid kit, water, a portable stove, bowls, utensils, survival straw, four survival blankets & many more. With this bag, bugging out with your family will hardly be problematic. Note that all these gear fit into a pack that’s lightweight even when loaded. 

Complete Earthquake Survival Kit


Surviving an earthquake does not mean you aren’t bugging out. It is best to leave the area for some days to avoid being a victim of collapsing structures or an unexpected strike. Needless to say, you’ll need a kit to get you through the immediate 72 hours after the disaster — after which you can make new purchases. This kit has about every necessity that you would ever need in case of an earthquake or hurricane. Outrunning the storm is much easier when you have supplies to fall back on & the Complete Earthquake kit is your best companion for this task. 

Concluding the Best Generic Kits on the Market


The best generic kits on the market listen above are not specific to a particular disaster. We made the top picks across all disasters. You should, however, know that these kits can be used interchangeably. The fact that you buy a Complete Earthquake kit does not mean it can’t be used for bugging out in case of a wildfire.