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Best Night Vision Scopes for the Wild

Having the best night vision scopes for the wild will ensure that a weekend getaway is truly bonding, as well as fruitful. While it may not require much to bond with friends & family, there’s no denying that there will be much happiness if you make some kills. 

Plus, there are some animals that disturb your farms and are typically most active at night. Let’s look at the best scopes to have on if you’re hunting for groundhogs & prairie dogs at nighttime. 

2 Best Night Vision Scopes For The Wild


HD 5-20X by ATN


The X-sight HD 5-20X is the perfect ally for day-and-night hunting. For a start, it is manufactured by ATN, which has been a leader in Tech Optics for decades. This scope comes with a sensor that allows HD 1080P, which means that you get a crystal-clear vision regardless of the lighting conditions. There’s a built-in rangefinder, which was unavailable on previous versions. 

The rangefinder automatically calculates distances accurately, and so taking perfect shots becomes as easy as the alphabet. It features a magnifying range or 5–20X as well as 20X zoom, and leaving your hunting binoculars home would not matter at all. The scope weighs just 2.55 pounds & runs for 8–12 hours with a single charge. Lest I forget, you can record moments with the HD 5-20X!


  • Usable in day & night;
  • HD every turn;
  • Built-in rangefinder;
  • Built-in ballistic calculator;
  • Full HD recording;
  • 20X zoom


  • Relatively short battery life;
  • Comparably expensive;
  • Four batteries are needed.

FF16001 RIFLESCOPE by Firefield


For its price, the FF16001 offers unbelievable resolution & imaging, thanks to its automatic IR illuminator that works perfectly even in absolute darkness. The scope features a 42mm diameter lens that improves its light-gathering ability. There’s a magnification range of 3x, eye relief measure at 45mm & lens focus at 70mm. 

The night vision scope is easily detachable in case you have to switch sights or optics. Your settings don’t get erased when you do this, so it’s as if you didn’t change anything. The scope is built with titanium, weighs just 2 pounds, and will last for about 50 hours with the IR not in use & about 20 hours when in use. There’s a weatherproof rating, and so it can be used in splashing water, but that’s about it. You’re not advised to dunk underwater with it, as there’s a difference between “weatherproof” & “waterproof.”


  • Automatic built-in IR illuminator;
  • Easily detachable weaver mount for scope;
  • Adjustable brightness;
  • IPX4 waterproof rating;
  • Sturdy yet lightweight titanium build;
  • Remarkable battery life.


  • Not usable in daylight.

Concluding The Best Night Vision Scopes for the Wild


Looking at only 2 of the best night vision scopes for the wild does not suggest a scarcity of options to choose from. Rather, we felt the need to apprise you with only the very best! Check out the pros & cons of both before making a decision. Other worthy mentions are the X-sight HD-3-14 by ATN (the manufacturer of the first scope) and the Night-owl-optics.