Best Ponchos To Shop For This Year

They are not very pretty, sure, but you have to know the best ponchos to shop for this year if you don’t want to put good money to bad use. They are, after all, an essential part of your gear. You can’t possibly take them out, can you?

Actually, I understand that you can, but should you?

Top 3 Best Ponchos To Shop For This Year


Ponchos have plenty of uses, and they do not have many substitutes too. A poncho keeps you protected from the rain. Your gear is covered, too. When it matters, you can use your poncho as a tent. They are more than ordinary raincoats.

Let’s see the top 4 poncho choices for this year.

GLORYFIRE Tactical Poncho


The GLORYFIRE surely does not disappoint. When it comes to ponchos, I think none trumps it. This is as fine as they get. The GF tactical poncho is sleek in appearance, lasts for long & offers a wide range of functions. 

Key specifications of the GLORYFIRE Tactical Poncho are:

  • Nano-coated material that allows up to 50+ rinsing times without losing its effects;
  • Triple water-proof neckline that ensures no leakage or seepage is encouraged;
  • Front pouch to store the poncho itself — as if the tortoise was folding inside itself;
  • Hoodie featuring a deep hat for complete cover;
  • Snaps to the sides to protect you from the elements more;
  • Can be used as a tent when necessary. 

HUNCHO Rain Poncho


The Rain Poncho by HUNCHO is a multi-function gear, and it is reportedly best for hunters, although you can also use it. In fact, the best advantage of this poncho is that it allows the hunter to hunt under the heavy rains. There are several cool features, such as its camouflage material, pockets to carry maps & binoculars. 

Here are other features to convince you:

  • Does not weigh up to a pound;
  • Side snaps for extra protection;
  • Can be packed into a small bag;
  • Large hood opening;
  • Deep hood for absolute cover;
  • Padded neck collar;
  • Double zippers at front;
  • Chest pockets inside & outside;
  • Rear zipper to foster breathability & carry extra weapons.

HAZARD Technical Poncho


The HAZARD Technical supersedes all others. And if you’re one to hunt beasts, I daresay this is the one for you. To begin with, this poncho looks very mean — coming out as a new approach to a military poncho. You can store those ponchos in themselves too. It is resistant to water, easily breathable & is taped at its seams to avoid water seeping through. The material is a blend of spandex & polyester, so you’re guaranteed extra mobility.

Here are specs to check out in the HAZARD 4 Technical:

  • Large enough to cover all your gear & supplies;
  • Velcro panels on shoulders & hood;
  • Headgear can be worn under the hood due to size;
  • Side snaps for additional protection;
  • A very efficient tent;
  • Easily breathable despite its large size.

Concluding The Best Ponchos To Shop For This Year


Selecting the best ponchos to shop for this year doesn’t have to be a problem for you now. Choose out of the three above for the best option. A notable mention is the USGI Military Poncho.