Best Predator Calls to Buy in 2021

Choosing the best predator calls in 2021 has to be based on a couple of considerations, including amplification, range, weight & other factors. I have considered all these & even more (price) to offer you a succinct list of the most effective game imitators you’ll find in the market today.

Here we go.

Top 3 Best Predator Calls to Buy in 2021

Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls


To start this, this product has plenty of calls to produce, thanks to the fact that it supports Bluetooth connection and has a mobile app to download sounds from too. 

Relatively, this is a small model, which means you can take it anywhere you deem fit. This doesn’t limit its range, though, as this device can reach up to 50 yards. Not surprising, considering that it emits up to 115 round decibels. There’s the liberty to roam around while the device is stationary & calling. 

There may be a con to the product, and that’s the fact that it runs on 4 C-sized batteries, which can be quite expensive. Plus, some people complain that the batteries make the product heavier. 

Overall though, this is surely an effective product. 

Call of the Wild Electronic Game Call


Here’s a shocker: this device reaches up to 300 yards while calling. This opens up a world of new possibilities. It means you can set it up to make a predator call & walk about three football fields away, surveying every animal in the area. With your gun by your side, you do not have to wait for these games to come seek the noise. You can always use the reaction triggered by the call to take the fight to the animals. 

The Wild Electronic Game is just perfect for hunting bobcats, coyotes & foxes. It has all the necessary calls to get all three species mentioned. However, if you’re aiming for more animals, you may be disappointed. This product has a limited range of animals, meaning you may have to buy another product alongside it, depending on your target.

Johnny Stewart Predator Attractor


The Johnny Stewart Attractor can only reach 50 yards, and while this is decent, it is poor compared to other products in the same price range. However, what it lacks in range, it makes up for several ways.

The Attractor has ten sounds that come with it, and they can be increased by using a USB port to download more.  Also, the device works on 4 AA batteries, meaning that it is light & compact enough to carry without any burden on you. 

To conclude, there’s a 10-watt speaker which sounds considerably loud. All in all, the Johnny Stewart Predator Attractor is a relatively excellent product, and that’s why it made this list. 

Concluding the Best Predator Calls to Buy in 2021


Predator calls make hunting predators easier. You need all the help you can get since you’re trying to beat these animals at their game. What’s your choice out of the above shortlisted best predator calls to buy in 2021?