Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

Looking at the best sleeping bags for camping has become even more necessary due to the arrival of the cold. Winter can be unforgiving if you do not have the proper gear to face it with. Below, we’ll look at the top sleeping bag recommendations for preppers & survivalists.

3 Best Sleeping Bags for Camping


Snowmass 0°F Sleeping Bag by HYKE & BYKE


The ultralight Snowmass 0°F down sleeping bag is produced using high-quality hydrophobic down filling & a remarkable 650FP fill power. It comes with a rip-resistant & water-repellent lining of silky make to ensure maximum comfort. 

Taking a cue from its design, this bed is to protect all-year-round. That is, come summer or winter; you don’t have to make a new purchase if you have this already. As you may have deduced from its name, this bed will keep you safe & comfortable even in environments reading below zero degrees Fahrenheit. 

I think the most impressive feature of this bag is the ability to move its down filling from this horizontal baffle to the other through a side channel. This way, you get warmth wherever it is most needed.


  • 650FBP duck filling;
  • Rip-resistant;
  • Water-repellent;
  • Usable in all seasons;
  • Side-channel for filling movement.


  • Zippers may damage lining;
  • May be hard to compress into a pack.

Ultralight Eolus 0° F Goose Down by HYKE & BYKE


Yet, another premium product from H & B. The Eolus costs slightly higher than the Snowmass, but this is soon forgotten as soon as the specs are considered. It has the same glamorous water-repellent, rip-resistant nylon liner, but where it stands out is its goose down filling of 800 FP. This means you’re safe & warm at a temp between 15–30° F and even in extreme conditions starting at 0°F.  

Another difference is the arrangement of the baffles in the Eolus. They are vertically arranged, unlike the Snowmass, and this fosters a more even distribution of temperature. 

This bag has two large zippers, which can be unzipped to open the bag for ventilation while still keeping warm where it matters. Unzipping these zippers will also enable you to move your legs more freely — if you wish.



  • Features a drawstring around the hood & shoulder;
  • Features vertical baffles;
  • Glamorous fabric liner;
  • Rip-resistant;
  • 800FP duck filling.



  • Cannot be zipped from the inside, only outside.



A premium product by BC, this sleeping bag engages TechLoft Silver Filling, a synthetic fiber with remarkable insulating abilities. Its filling weighs 160 ounces, and comfort is improved due to the zipper baffles & insulated chest. 

Also, McKinley comes in a rectangular design, which allows more room to wiggle than the mummy-typed bed. The lining features brushed polyester, so sleeping on it is pleasant to the skin. The outer layer not only repels water but it is also very durable.


  • Synthetic silver filling;
  • Hooded rectangular design;
  • Zipper baffles & insulated chest;
  • Silky smooth lining.


  • Weighs 12 pounds & that’s relatively heavy.
  • Available in just one color & size.

Concluding The Best Sleeping Bags for Camping


Packing the best sleeping bags for camping along on your camping trip will provide you great warmth and comfort. These bags are cheap to get and should be in your kit, especially now that winter has arrived. Other notable mentions are The Adventure 0° by CASCADE MOUNTAIN TECH & Ironwood 20 by MARMOT.