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Best Survival Bracelets for 2021

If you want something cool & useful to wear around your wrist, then these survival bracelets for 2021 are among your finest options. These bracelets are lightweight & will hardly attract anyone’s attention, despite that they may be instrumental during an SHTF scenario. 

Long gone are the days when survival bracelets were ordinary paracord creations. They have now become more functional & modern — meaning that they are now more valuable, but choosing out of the available multitudes has become a dicey thing. 

Go through this helpful review to see the best bracelet options available to you on the market today.

4 Best Survival Bracelets for 2021


Titan Paracord Bracelet


I can assure you that selecting the very best bracelet out of all others was a difficult thing, but I’m 100% sure I made the right call. The Titan Paracord is not too fancy; it will hardly capture your attention at first sight, and best believe that’s what gave it an edge over other competitors. The bracelet features only important specs that you’ll need to use, obviously following the rules to keep it simple. 

This 11 feet paracord has 7 strands (typical) & features a snare wire, waxed jute cord for tinder & a 25-pound fishing line. Available in 4 different sizes & an ordinary (yet stylish) design, anyone can wear this bracelet. 

Friendly Swede Trilobite Bracelet


This bracelet is woven to be quite large, which some people may find uncomfortable. However, it’s designed stylishly enough to remain unnoticed when worn in a world disturbed by EDC. 

At 13 feet of 550 paracords, this bracelet offers more than enough cordage for whatever purpose you may wish to fulfill. And unlike the product before it, this bracelet can be adjusted & comes in various sizes. 

GECKO Survival Paracord


If what you want is a basic survival option to use in an EDC-ravaged world, this is your best choice. Unfortunately, this cord is available in only one size, although it can be adjusted to an inch in the clasp. The bracelet features 7 strands & can be converted into a 60 feet paracord. This means that the max length you’re getting from this bracelet is 8-9 feet. 

To the company’s credit, it doesn’t advertise the product as a 550 cord; rather, the tensile strength is put at 350 pounds.

A25 Protection Bracelet K2-Peak


I am a big fan of these bracelets because they are very affordable & you get 2 of them at the price you get one of the others. Each bracelet unravels to 12 feet & features 7 strands 550 true paracord, which is fair enough for a bracelet that costs very low. The buckle has a whistle, striker, compass & fire steel. However, ensure that all these added tools are in good condition before you buy the product. 

Concluding the Best Survival Bracelets for 2021

Survival bracelets can be precious in times of SHTF — especially in the event of an EDC attack. Choose any of the above best survival bracelets for 2021 to make sure you receive maximum value for your money.  What do you think of survival bracelets?