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Best Survival Gas Masks

When dealing with CBRN agents, you want to have the best survival gas masks with you, as anything below standard is sure to cause death. It is needless to say that an ordinary mouth & nose shield will do nothing against nuclear air, nor will it be a half-face gas mask. 

Note that there are continuous tensions building up between the super nations these days, so there’s no telling when push may come to shove. I recommend that you buy the appropriate full-face gas mask right now while you wait. 

Remember that buying a bad nose mask is a mistake you can’t afford to make. Let’s see the best survival gas masks you can find this year. 

3 Best Survival Gas Masks


I would easily pick this to be the best overall of the lot. The MIRA Safety CBRN comes with a speech diaphragm & a drinking system, and that’s for a start. It is made of butyl rubber, which will not only shield your face from nuclear agents but will also keep your face comfortable while at it. 

The mask features a five-point harness that makes sure it fits snugly & that you’re perfectly comfortable with it. This mask works great with all 40 millimeters NATO filter cartridges, which you can find just anywhere. You can check reviews online to see how many customers have remarked on the impressive comfort & durability of the MIRA M. 

It’s unarguably worth the money you pay.

MSA Ultra Elite CBRN

If you’re looking for something military-like, either because you’re a military man or would like that tough look, this is the finest choice you could make. 

The Ultra Elite by MSA has an intimidating rugged build, despite that it is built of butyl rubber & offers absolute comfort. For ease of use, it is compatible with the 40 millimeters NATO cartridges — same as our first pick.

However, the MSA Full-face does not have a drinking system, and it does not come with a 40mm filter (you have to buy that separately). This is disappointing if you factor in its cost. 

What you can’t blame the mask for, though, is a misleading advert. The product is sturdy & comfortable — just as they claim. And you’ll have the impressive rugged look too. Also, it’s much cheaper than the 1st pick (the MIRA). So, if you don’t mind the absence of a water system & have a cartridge or don’t mind getting one, this is the man for you. 

HONEYWELL North 7600

To begin with, this mark is approved by NIOSH, so expect not even the slightest malfunction in its duties. The North 7600 works very well with a wide range of cartridges, filters, & a combination of both. Therefore, finding a filter for it will never be a problem. 

There is a polycarbonate visor to foster a wide-field view while ensuring complete eye safety — it meets ANSI 287 grades. 

Thanks to the silicone seal, there is no threat of toxin effect on you, and communication is excellent with the positioning of the speech diaphragm.

Concluding the Best Survival Gas Masks

The best survival gas masks mentioned above are all verified by the necessary authorities. They have to be, considering that we are talking life & death here. What’s you pick out of the three above? Let’s hear from you.