Best Survival Lighters for 2021

In this article, we’ll look at the best survival lighters for 2021 to help you make the appropriate choice when shopping. 

Fire is a top priority in an SHTF scenario, as it does not only keep you warm & dry, it provides great comfort in a cold climate & is necessary for cooking. It is important to know how to build a fire. And to be able to do so in every terrain or weather condition, your most essential need is a reliable survival lighter, alongside a tinder, which can be collected wherever you are.

4 Best Survival Lighters for 2021

The Plasma Tesla Lighter 2.0


Plasma lighters have always been popular among preppers since they don’t depend on fuel to light up their fire triangles. This model (the Tesla 2.0) is encased in tough ABS plastic, features dual plasma arcs & boasts plenty of other survival specs. This piece of gear works on a 220mAh 3.7 battery that allows up to 300 use per charge. Charging the battery is done through a USB port & takes only 2 hours. The Plasma Tesla 2.0 is shockproof, windproof & waterproof, and has an orange coloring that makes it easily visible. What’s more, this lighter has a whistle that can help when you go missing. 

ICFUN Electric Lighters


The ICFUN electric lighters are a set of affordable Chinese Plasma lighters that work as fine as the original in the formation of the plasma arcs. However, this lighter does not have the wide range of specs & high quality of the Tesla 2.0. This doesn’t mean it is not manageable as a backup lighter. 

I’ve included this lighter in this list because it is relatively cheap, and while it may not measure up to the Plasma Tesla, it holds its own against other lighters on every normal day.  After all, it is waterproof & windproof, features a USB port & spends only 2 hours to be fully charged.

ZIPPO Matte Pocket Light


The Zippo is a classic, iconic choice that’s managed to remain on the shelves after decades of its launching. These lighters are simply built & are operated on a guild soaked wick. You can light it by an easy roll of the sticker wheel — although it doesn’t work when wet. These lighters are not windproof; rather, the word is “wind-resistant.” This lighter works fine in the bush or when things go haywire, but I find it worrying that it runs dry in the pocket even if you don’t operate it. That is why I classify it as the best for EDC events. There’s nothing electrical about its operations. 

UST Refillable Lighter 


This is a high-tech lighter that is wind- & waterproof and can float in water without sinking. Credits must be given for this. The lighter uses a piezoelectric ignition system, making it usable even when your hands are numb & cold. Thanks to the 2000°F adjustable flame, you can start a fire with ease. This lighter uses butane fuel, so there’s no need to worry about it running dry in your pocket. 

Concluding the Best Survival Lighters for 2021


Lighters are an important gear to have in the wild. Make your pick out of the shortlisted best survival lighters for 2021 to ensure you are never disappointed when it matters. Let’s hear from you: what’s your favorite lighter brand?