Best Survival Machetes to Buy in 2021

We’ll look at the best survival machetes to buy in 2021 because a sharp, dependable machete can be extremely helpful in the wilderness. From path clearing to personal protection, a machete is very worthy when it matters. Generally, when shopping for machetes, you want completely tang, which makes it very strong with few or no weak points. 

Here are the finest choices you can make this year.

3 Best Survival Machetes to Buy in 2021


GERBER Bear Grylls Parang Machete


The Gerber Parang Machete does not only have the exact versatility & toughness of the original tribesmen tool, but it is also an upgraded version. The overall length of the machete is 19.5”, and the blade itself is 13.4”. The blade is produced from high carbon steel, making it corrosion resistant & easy to sharpen, although you’ll often have to do so. 

The Gerber Parang is ideal for light chopping & vegetation cutting and dies well if you have to clear vines, shrubs & small limbs. It can also chop hardwood, although it isn’t meant for that. Besides, it easily debarks trees, which is a spec every good survival blade must possess. The machete is fully tanged, too, making it a highly robust piece. 

Lest I forget, the knife has an ergonomic rubber grip that allows you to hold it comfortably without the fear of it slipping off your grip. 

SOG 18” SOGfari Machete 


This 18” SOGfari blade by SOG is Latin-styled. The blade is incredibly lightweight at just 18.40 ounces despite its tenacious & rugged looks — which I attribute to its solid black handle & powder coated finish. The handle was made with Keaton polymer & has contoured, ergonomic support to provide comfort & solid balance. In addition, the handle is full tang & spiked at its bottom, so it can be used for pounding & scraping. Meanwhile, the sheath is made of black ballistic nylon, and it features a hook & loop enclosure to carry it safely & easily.

The SOGfari has a straight-edge blade featuring a serrated spine, and this is why it is very versatile when it comes to uses. You can use this product as a machete & as a saw. So, whether you simply use it for your yard work or take it along with you as you explore the outdoors, this blade will help you complete your chores more easily. This machete can easily chop wood, swiftly clear bush & cleanly cut branches. Fee machetes that cost the same amount will hardly offer such premium specifications.

ELK RIDGE 22” Machete


This 22” machete by Elk Ridge is also Latin-styled. Its blade was made of stainless steel blade & features a serrated spine and an angled edge. Thus, you can use your machete for chopping, hacking, cutting & sawing. The machete handle is fully tanged with a knuckle guard (or D-ring), thus making it much more comfortable, easier & safer to hold when clearing vibes or brush. 

The machete comes in a black nylon sheath & a lanyard fixed to the handle’s end. Thanks to its versatility, you can use the SOGfari for housework while hunting & in survival or military situations.

Concluding The Best Survival Machetes to Buy in 2021


A good machete can be of plenty of use in the woods. Select any of the best survival machetes to buy in 2021 mentioned above to get the best value for money. What do you think of our choices? Are we missing anything?