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Best Survival Shovels to Take to the Wild

This article apprises you of the very best survival shovels to take to the wild. These selections were made based on critical considerations and have been agreed to by experts & ordinary preppers alike.

4 Best Survival Shovels to take to the Wild


ZUNE LOTOO Tactical Annihilator


If what you’re searching for is an indestructible shovel regardless of what you use it for, the ZUNE LOTOO Annihilator is your finest choice. Apart from its extreme toughness, this shovel also comes with extra gear for survival purposes. Would you believe there’s 23 whooping extra tools in this shovel? You have whistles, pickaxes, knives & firestarters. 

So, whatever the goal is, whether to strike out against danger, chop wood for a fire or dig holes for a shelter, the Tactical Annihilator will handle it all expertly. ZUNE LOTOO makes the shovel with high-tech carbon steel. I don’t have to say again that it is strong — like an armor tank. This may be the Swiss Army knife among shovels. 

EVATAC Elite Tac


This is one of the most versatile survival shovels in the market. It has a wide range of uses. EVATAC has just the perfect size for your bug out bag or any other survival-related bag. Would you believe that this shovel had eight specific uses? It has a 440 stainless steel weighted head that allows you to dig into the hard or soft ground without difficulty. 

EVATAC comes with a fire starter, 90° hoe, flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, whistle, compass, saw & bottle opener. There is no denying the excellence of this shovel. It is compact, has great specs, weighs very light & looks great too. 

EST Survival Shovel


EST may be relatively new to the gear industry, but it has managed to rival the very best with its products. And nothing shows that better than its survival shovel had high boasts 18 tools alongside it. The steel is very sturdy, such that it does not give in the least when digging a trench.

The handle is made from military-grade aluminum for optimum strength, stability & durability. For easy storage in your BOB, this shovel comes in a nylon pouch. Some of the tools available with this shovel are rope cutter, sawblade, wrench, fire starter, knife, ax, compass, bottle opener & a lot more. 

TYGER Shovel


Carbon steel is the toughest material there is — I’m not including Wakanda’s Vibranium, though. Now, when a shovel is made from carbon steel & aerospace-level aluminum, you can be sure there’s no better survival tool than it. And should I even mention that durability would be unbelievable. That’s exactly what TYGER offers in its insanely strong survival shovel. This is a shovel you (or thieves) don’t want to mess with. 

There are plenty of tools that come with the TYGER shovel. You have access to a hoe, a hammer, a screwdriver, a firestarter, an ice pick & many more. 

Concluding the Best Survival Shovels to Take to the Wild


If you’re not buying any of the best survival shovels to take to the wild shortlisted above, you may be making a mistake. I understand there’s always the preference, but why not go for something extraordinary? Have you used any of the products mentioned above? Let’s find out in the comment box.