Best Tactical Watches in 2021

Let’s see the best tactical watches in 2021 to be sure what you’re putting on will not disappoint you when you get to the great outdoors.

3 Best Tactical Watches in 2021

INFANTRY 50mm Tactical Watch

The Infantry, 50mm big-face, is one of Infantry’s Essential Series, a line of watches made to show the ease in urban lifestyles. However, this particular model offers all specs you’d like in a tactical watch. 

This watch has a 50mm face & a case that’s 16mm thick. The face is aluminum & is covered by an anti-scratch window, while the back is stainless steel & has a strap made of rubber.

The Infantry 50mm comes with an analog & digital time display, with the former boasting a Japanese quartz movement while the latter displays both 12/24 hours & can serve as your alarm & stopwatch. You can keep time in 3 varying time zones due to the dual display.

Other specs include backlight, rotating bezel & day-date-month display. Lastly, the watch is not waterproof but is resistant to water droplets. This means it will work fine under light rainfall but should never be used under the shower.

YIHOU Men’s Military Watch

This YIHOU product looks very fashionable, but this doesn’t take away its functionality or practicality. The watch comes with a multipurpose digital display & a quartz analog display that allows you to know the time in 2 different time zones. You can set your digital watch to 12/24 hour format and use it as a stopwatch or an alarm. The watch has a dial case of 55mm in diameter and is made from high-grade resins. Your handbag is made from soft yet tough polyurethane & is 22mm wide.

Other specifications are the day & date display. There’s also a backlight that allows usage no matter the lighting condition. There’s a water-resistant score of 3 ATM, meaning that it cannot be ruined by water splashes or rainwater. Do not use it for showering, snorkeling, or swimming, however. Also, this watch should not be exposed to hot water or steam.

JOEFOX Digital Wrist Watch

The JOEFOX digital is a multipurpose watch featuring a 55mm case of 18mm thickness. The strap is 250mm long & 22mm wide. The strap is built with silicon rubber, while the case was made with resin. You have a dial window made with shockproof acrylic. 

This JOEFOX watch can also keep time in both analog & digital displays, enabling the weather to keep track of time in 2 different time zones. The digital display shows the second, minute & hour in either a 12/24 hours setting. You can also use it as a stopwatch or mini alarm. There’s the display for the day, week & month, too, as well as a LED backlight for lighting. 

This watch has a water-resistant rating of 50mm, making it usable under ordinary water conditions. You can use it in the rain, under the shower, and while bathing, swimming, snorkeling, or fishing. However, do not dive with it. 

Concluding the Best Tactical Watches in 2021

You don’t have to break the bank for the best tactical watches in 2021. Browse through the list above & select what’s best for you.