Best Tents for Glamping on the Market

If you’re not making a conscious effort to select one of the best tents for glamping on the market, you may find yourself ending up with a substandard product that will defeat the whole purpose of your big money purchase.

Here are my top picks of the glamping tents you can find on the market in 2021.

3 Best Tents for Glamping on the Market

Flex-Bow 8-person Tent by Kodiak Canvas


At $645, the Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 8-person tent still stands as one of the best glamping essentials you’ll find today. Thousands of customers have given it a 5/5 rating. If you would rather something smaller, you can choose from the 4- or 6-person models.

This deluxe tent has a height of 6’6” feet, making it perfect for most adults. Standing inside it wouldn’t require crouching. Durability and craftsmanship are top-notch, too, and the materials speak for themselves in fact: water-proof, breathable, and highly resistant Hydra-shield featuring 100% duck canvas cotton. 

The Kodiak has two large doors and four large windows, and setting this up in a place with a lot of trees is sure to provide you with a lot of breeze. Asides, the tent features funnel-flow ventilation that helps to adjust airflow and internal temperature. Let’s not forget the flex-bow frame that keeps it solid even during heavy storms and windy rains.

The 8-person Flying Diamond by Big Agnes


Coming second at $518, one expects a lot from the Big Agnes, and it, fortunately, does not disappoint. You can select the models for 4 or 6 persons alternatively. The main pro of this tent is its fabric, which allows you to use the tent throughout the year. This means it is perfect for the windy months as well as the summer. 

There’s also a large room that can be slashed into two if you decide to use the partition wall. There’s the option to go private, obviously. The material combines polyester stop (the body) and nylon mesh (the windows). Sufficient ventilation is not a problem. Both materials are water-proof and resistant to all weather conditions. The poles, meanwhile, are made from lightweight aluminum that makes it easy to install the tent. 

SportZ SUV Tent 


Sitting at just $363, few expect the SportZ to impress like its predecessors on this list, but it surprisingly does. The tent has a height of 7’, a 10-foot wide space, and a screen room measuring up to 6’.  It is easy to install because just one person can handle the set-up. The structure features steel poles and fiberglass, which are very easy to manage.

It has the advantage of additional space over other mentions in this list. Also, you don’t have to deal with the constrictions of zipped tent doors. You can turn your ground tent into a vehicle tent by using the vehicle sleeve and vice versa. You may as well remove the screen room.

Concluding the Best Tents for Glamping on the Market


Choosing the best tents for glamping on the market isn’t a time-consuming process anymore — thanks to this list! All you need to consider is your budget and family size. Extra features may be important too.