United States – According to U.S. President Joe Biden’s campaign for a second term on Saturday, it raised over USD 187 million for the first weeks of 2024, approximately double the amount it gathered at the end of the last quarter.

Fundraising Success

In March, when Biden wrapped up the Democratic Party’s nomination, the campaign garnered more than USD 90 million in fundraising, which was up from over USD 53 million in February. The report also showed USD 192 million in cash on hand, which was, by the team’s account, the most anyone has had at this point in the campaign’s history, as reported by Reuters.

Cash on Hand Surges

Fundraising for Biden’s campaign was better than that of their opponent before the November election, Donald Trump. This is caused by the fact that he is a consequence of his current status and support from the Democrats.

Bipartisan Support

In March, the New York City fundraiser where former Democratic Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton joined Biden generated more than USD 25 million, according to event organizers.

The funds announced on Saturday had come from all fundraising channels, which in the past was a combination of money from Biden’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee and joint fundraising committees.

High-Profile Fundraisers

However, in the first quarter, the campaign reported that 96 percent of the contributions were under USD 200, with more than USD 1.1 million making over USD 1.9 million contributions.

It states that they even have over 212,000 sustaining donors, more than double from the donor level in the 2020 cycle, in which Biden defeated Trump.

Small Donor Dominance

Former President Donald Trump. Credit | REUTERS/Leah Millis

The campaign for Trump’s reelection will launch a USD 30 million, six-week paid media campaign in battleground states. This campaign will include ad buys targeting Latino, Black, Asian, and Pacific Islanders and supporters of Nikki Haley, who ended her long-run race for the Republican nomination at the beginning of March, as reported by Reuters.

The campaign reported that Biden had not visited the battleground states in less than 20 days, and surrogates from the campaign participated in 69 campaign events in March.