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Down And Dirty Review: Is Jason Hanson’s “Free” Tactical Bag A Scam?

Tactical Gear Review: Free Tactical Backpack From Jason Hanson: Deal or Dud?

tactical bag review


Confirmed: DEAL

Bottom line: I’ll get right to it… this is one badass tactical bag and an instant upgrade to your EDC or even as a backup bug out bag…

Yes, it’s “free” (you just have to take care of the shipping) and yes there are a couple of caveats… (they offer a membership that is 100% optional – but you’ll definitely want to hear them out) but you can’t beat a deal like this! (And unfortunately, it’s not going to be around forever…)

Click here to check out a quick overview of the tactical bag and snag yours NOW 

For the full details check out our hands-on review below:

Full Review On Jason Hanson’s Free Tactical Backpack:

The foundation for any good survival kit is a great pack.  And unfortunately, picking the right pack is where most people fail…

Walk into any tactical store and you’re surrounded by dozens of different options to start your kit…

Red Rock, 5.11, Voodoo Tactical, Condor, Eberlestock and more… all good options with price ranges from $39.99 – $699.99.

So which one is the right one?  Well honestly that’s all subjective to your personal needs but, you shouldn’t let a brand name be the reason you don’t have a bug out bag ready to go at a moment’s notice.

I’ve done a lot of research and tracked down the manufacturer of many of these brand name bags… believe it or not a good chunk of them come from the same factories.

The sad fact is, most of what you pay for is that little iron on or Velcro patch on the outside of the bag.

So when I saw that Jason Hansen was giving away this $80.00 tactical pack for FREE…

I thought… surely this is too good to be true.

claim your free tactical backpack now

But I know Jason is a pretty stand-up guy… so I decided to give it a shot.

A few days later I heard a thud on my doorstep, and this showed up.
tactical bag

I took a few more days to try to pick apart this bag… here are my thoughts so far:

The Good:

Compact: This kit is perfect to create a stowable bug out bag, range kit, or even an EDC bag.  It’s small and lightweight at a little over 3lbs.

Room to grow and room to go: Even though the pack is compact, it still has plenty of space in it and is expandable.  It’ll hold most standard sized laptops to make it a great EDC bag.

And it’ll even hold my AR7 from Henry (but it is a bit of a squeeze to get it in there):

And it STILL has room for accessories like power cords, headphones, backup drives, ammo, extra socks and underwear (I don’t care who you are… it’s always a safe bet to have an extra pair or two of those in any kit!).

Durable: I can’t find an exact rating, but it appears to be made out of 600D nylon which is pretty standard.  But it’s standard for a reason!  This bag will take a licking and keep on kicking!  And while it’s not waterproof it does have some degree of water resistance.

Easy open: Each pocket comes with two oversized zippers.  The oversized zippers are something I always look for in a new kit.  When you’re wearing gloves or just in a stressful situation you can’t afford to be fumbling with a tiny zipper on your pack, especially if that’s standing in the way of you getting a fire going or a whistle to help signal for rescue.

Organization and access are key: As you can see in the pictures above, this kit unzips fully in half.  This is a massive benefit as it gives you full access to the contents of your kit.  Whether you use it for work, a day at the range, or a small bug out kit; you’re not left digging through a dark pack to find what you need.  One quick zip and you have unmitigated access to the entire contents of the bag… combined with the oversized zippers this gets you into your kit and to your gear lightning fast!

The Bad:

Not for the full-figured: This is a small pack and unfortunately the chest and waist straps are not exactly built for the… larger American man (or woman).  I’ve got a 44” chest and a 36” waist and while the chest strap does fit me…. trying to buckle the waist strap is a bit of a lost cause.

Narrow shoulder straps not good for the long haul: The waist straps aren’t the only thing that’s narrow on this kit.  The compact design of this kit means the shoulder straps are also understandably more narrow than a normal sized rucksack  The padding on the shoulder straps doesn’t go all the way back to the pack. It stops just a few inches shy of being sewn into the top of the backpack leaving the last few inches supported by the nylon straps, which on a long hike could become painful if your kit is filled to the brim.

D rings are a cause for concern… kind of: Speaking of the shoulder straps, the D rings could be an area of concern over a long period of time.  The rings are made to allow for more adjustments to be made so your backpack can hang exactly where you want it to. The D rings are not welded closed and with enough weight in your bag, they could be stretched open leaving you…strapless.

The bottom line: So this begs the question…

Is this “free” tactical backpack a good deal?

And my answer… hell yes! 

I’ve pulled a bag exactly like this off the shelf at a few tactical supply stores and I never flinched at the price tag… 80.00 is a steal for this kit.  And you’re getting it free?  YES take the deal.  (Click here to see if he even has any left.)

Yes, there are a few caveats to this amazing offer (as there are with any deal that sounds “too good to be true”) but you’re getting an amazing bag that works in so many different situations for FREE.

If you’re looking for a new bug out bag, or just to freshen up your old gear, then, by all means, take advantage of this while it’s still in stock.

claim your free tactical backpack now


Still reading?  You might be wondering… what’s the catch?

Well, I’ve done all the research for you… below is everything you can expect to see when you go to claim your free tactical backpack.

Why is it free: 

Everything has a catch… but all things considered, this one is a pretty good “catch.”

You get the bag FREE (minus the $9.95 shipping charge) and they do this in the hopes that you’ll try their Personal Protection Alliance monthly membership.

Consider the bag… a bit of an ethical bribe.  The Personal Protection Alliance is a digital newsletter for $40/mo that includes all sorts of incredible information on survival, shooting tips, DIY emergency kits and so much more.  They give you immediate access to the PPA and make it super easy to cancel the trial if the newsletter isn’t for you.  You simply go to an online form and submit your email address to cancel the trial.  It couldn’t be easier.  

Remember, the membership is 100% optional you can say no and it won’t affect your free tactical bag.  But if you’ve got a few minutes, listen to what Jason has to offer, it might be something you’re interested in.

This is one hell of a win-win opportunity.

Oh, FYI the membership also comes with a pretty stellar free tactical folding knife (a perfect addition to your new tactical backpack).

Shipping & Handling: $9.95 and arrives within 7 to 10 days is advertised.  Mine arrived within a few days via USPS Priority Mail.

Guarantee: What type of guarantee are they advertising?

No Guarantee mentioned on the page but standard refund policy is as follows:

  • You have sixty (60) days from the date of the original purchase to return the product to receive your refund.  Any return received after the sixty (60) day time limit will not be processed.

Comparable models and what you can expect to pay elsewhere:

Maxpedition Falcon II $101.60 on Amazon
Voodoo Tactical Level III $87.70 on Amazon


Explorer Tactical 3 day Military Assault Pack $40.95 on Amazon


Free Bonus:

The Escape Bag Blueprint: 37 Items You Must Have to Survive a Crisis.

This guide gives you insight into the 37 items that Jason keeps in his personal kit – including the gun, flashlights, knives, and water filter he uses.  (This is a great resource to have on hand regardless of if this is your 1st or 40th kit to build.)


Hours: Up to 48 hour response time – Closed on Sundays


Phone: 801-512-2545.

Credit Card will show:

When you claim your Free tactical bag from Jason Hanson, your credit card will receive a charge of $9.95 from SPY ESCAPE EVASION.


Well, there it is… you’ve got my opinion but I want to know what YOU think.

Click here NOW to get your own tactical bag for Free.

Don’t forget to come back and let us know what you think… did you love it?  Hate it?

Was it worth the $9.95 shipping charge?  Enquiring minds want to know!