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Essential Prepping Gear – Top Four

I understand that you may have come across several blogs on “essential prepping gear.” While I dare not say the previous lists are invalid, I daresay that the tools on this list are truly essential to carry along when you go hunting, hiking, or camping. Each has its specific uses, which every true prepper will appreciate. Let’s look at 4 of these must-have prepping gear.


4 Essential Prepping Gear

Automatic Fishing Reels

This gear makes fishing very easy, which is a good thing from all perspectives. These auto reels enable you to bait fish in the water without pulling and tweaking the stick about. You can just set your bait and leave it unattended. This is possible because the reels have an ultra-sensitive spring mechanism that is triggered when any additional weight pulls at the other end of the rope, which is the bait. With this gear, you can reel in your bait and engage in some other activity; be rest assured of meeting a catch. 


Biolite Camping Stove

The Biolite stove does not only cook your foods but also recharges your phone whenever you wish. To most, this is good news because a powered phone solves about 40% of the problems we face in the wilderness. The stove works by converting heat to electrical energy, replenishing its internal battery in the process. When this is done, you can just connect your USB cable to the stove’s ports, and that’s it. This is perhaps an unending supply of electrical energy for gadgets, say a rechargeable flashlight.


Esbit Stove

Made in Germany, Esbit runs on hexamine fuel tablets, a technique that’s been in use before the second world war. Surprising, isn’t it? Initially though, these tablets were used as heaters for C-Rations, but they can now help start a fire at all times, whether there is fuel or not, thanks to the folding stove. This stove is compact and lightweight and is thus easy to carry along when hitting the wild. The chief demerit of an Esbit stove is that it cannot be ignited from a sparker; only a flame can. 


Portable Hydropower Generator

Different brands make these generators, more prominently the Estream and the WaterLily. This generator is lightweight and compact, providing you with a portable hydropower station. As you may already know, these generators generate energy through water. So, you use them by dropping in a stream. True, a charged phone may not be the most important thing to survival, but it makes a significant difference.


Military Folding Shovel

This shovel boasts a lot of superior features to any other military shovel.  To begin with, it’s longer than expected, with sturdier, heavier-duty body composition. So, if you’re digging an outhouse, this is your best tool. It can come in handy as a weapon as well. I think a folding shovel should be the no. 1 shovel in your emergency kit.


Concluding The Essential Prepping Gear

The four essential prepping gear highlighted above are essential on a trip to the wild. Technology has made life easier, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of that. However, if you’re an extreme prepper who wouldn’t even sleep on a mattress in the wild, these may not be your favorite gear.