Is This Weird “Bond” Style Belt The Ultimate In Everyday Carry?

Does this free knife belt carry its weight, or will it leave you with your pants around your ankles in a crisis?

Confirmed: Deal

Bottom line:

At only $9.95 for shipping and handling, the “free” knife belt is a pretty stellar deal (the MSRP is around $30.00 and most places I’ve found selling it were still asking $19.99 or more). So you’re getting it for around 60% off what you’d expect to pay if you found it on a store shelf.

If you’re like most Americans that wear a belt every day, adding this to your EDC is just an easy way to add an extra blade to your arsenal. And, frankly, it’s a no-brainer. Heck, I’ve spent more than $10.00 just for a nylon belt that doesn’t have a knife in it! Is it the “best knife” in the world?  Absolutely not. But it’s still a good, solid blade that only you will ever know you’re carrying.

*A word of warning… based on my research, this knife isn’t legal to carry in all states (namely NY, CA, and NV).  Watch the video and decide for yourself if it’s something you’d like to carry… just make sure you know your local laws and don’t get caught with your pants down! 😉

Snag one now and test it out for yourself

Need a little more info?

Check out our hands-on review of the Free knife belt below:


I don’t know how many times I’ve said to this to someone asking advice on preparedness… the one thing I always say is, “Make sure you’re never more than an arm’s length away from a fire starter and a good, solid knife!” Well, Chris over at Self-Rely has a way of covering one of those cornerstones – and it’s something I’d only ever seen before in a Bond film. And he’s giving it away for Free. I obviously had to give it a try… so what’d I think?  Is it worth the cost of shipping?

Check out below to find out:

**Update** I have the original version of the knife belt. Chris has made a few changes to the knife belt since I originally wrote this article.  He’s updated it with a better version that has functional serrations on the blade, and he’s added a bottle opener. This just goes to show that these guys are always working toward making a better product (a great thing in my opinion 🙂 ).

It looks just like any one of the dozens of nylon belts I’ve worn throughout the last several decades… but with a decidedly more tactical secret hidden inside.


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The Good:

Full Tang Knife: The full tang on this knife means it’s made out of a single sheet of steel, so there are no moving parts to bend or break.

Super Discreet: When the blade slips into the slot on the belt, no one but you would ever even know you’ve got a knife on you.

Double Duty: It’s always a priority that everything I carry has multiple uses… I’d never have thought about wearing a belt that doubles as a knife. Even better, when you unsheathe the knife, you don’t have to worry about your pants falling down either. This is because the false buckle comes off, leaving the “hook-in-hole” design firmly in place.

Adaptable: The belt fits anywhere from a 24″ waist up to a 52″ waist, so whether you’ve packed on a few pounds or just had a big meal, the belt will fit you right no matter what!

Comfortable: I’ve worn nylon web belts for the past 2 decades, and this one fits and sits just as well as any other belt. At first, I was skeptical about this… the hook-in-hole buckle looked like it would poke in some rather uncomfortable places.  But I couldn’t have been more wrong. The buckle doesn’t’ stick out or poke you in the gut – even if you’ve got a little overlap like I do ;-).


The Bad:

Poor Adhesive: This could have just been the one that I received BUT… I noticed a little bit of wiggle between the blade and the wooden buckle.  With a little bit of playing around, I actually managed to separate the knife away from the buckle. And, when I did, I noticed that there was only a thin strip of adhesive holding the buckle to the blade.  For most people, this probably wouldn’t be an issue, but for me it was.

**Solution** I happened to have a little bit of brush-on gorilla glue (picked it up from Walmart for less than 4 bucks and use it for just about everything), and I was able to brush on a good coat, hold it for 10 seconds and then let it cure for 24 hours. Now it’s rock solid!

Slip Factor: The jimping on the back of the blade doesn’t have a lot of texture, and it could pose a slip-hazard (putting you at risk of cutting yourself), especially if your hands are sweaty. So be incredibly careful (just as you should with any knife you wield).

*Pro Tip* Make sure you remove the false buckle (the part with the knife), and connect the buckle to cinch up your belt.  While I’ve had no issues with the buckle coming out of place and exposing the knife, with normal wear it does have the potential to slip while trying to attach the hook-and-hole connector as an alternative method. A way to avoid exposing your little secret (the knife I mean) is to grip behind the wooden buckle and pull so that you can disengage the hook-in-hole connector, and then do the same to reconnect it.  But the safest bet is to remove the knife entirely.

Want to test it out for yourself? Click here NOW.

Why It’s Free:

After you claim your free knife belt, you’ll get another message regarding membership to the Self-Reliance Association.

The Self-Reliance Association is a digital community that offers a massive archive of posts, reviews, printed newsletters, discounted gear, and so much more, including:

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They’ll offer you a trial of the membership for 30 days, and after that they ask for $40/mo membership dues. You get immediate access to the SRA (they’ll ship out your bonus and newsletters within a week or two). 

$40.00 per month is a little rich for my blood. However, I’d recommend you at least take the 30-day trial. That being said:

Remember, the membership is 100% optional you can say no and it won’t affect your free knife belt. But, if you’ve got a few minutes, listen to what they have to offer. It might be something you’re interested in.

Shipping & Handling:

Shipping is $9.95 and it comes to your door via USPS Express.  The estimated shipping time is 7-14 days, but I’ve seen it take up to 21+ days for some people (based on messages from their Facebook page).


There is a little bit of a conflict here… on the initial page you see they offer a lifetime, no questions asked warranty…

lifetime guarantee

However, on the page that you fill out your information on, they show a 365-day money back guarantee on your new knife belt.

1 year guarantee

Both state that, if at any time you’re unhappy with your belt, just email or

While a year is a fairly long guarantee to begin with, I’d suggest taking a screenshot of the guarantee that shows the lifetime warranty.  (Just a heads up, they could alter this page at any time if they find the discrepancy… so I’d suggest you grab your knife now before they “fix” it 😉 ).

Comparable Models & What You Can Expect To Pay:

Normally, I try to find links on Amazon (as they usually have the best prices and help me blow the whistle on “B.S.” claims of being FREE)… unfortunately, this seems to be a product that isn’t allowed on Amazon. (I’ve researched for the last hour and can’t find them… so, if you do, please leave a message in the comments and let me know!).

Here are a few price points that I’ve found across multiple sites… and I have to say. at $9.95, the one Chris is offering has them all beat by a landslide:


Don’t miss out… grab one now before they’re all gone.


Hours: None displayed


Phone: 970-367-7624

Credit Card will show: FREEDOM WRITERS PUBL


While it’s nowhere near as effective as your fixed blade knife (or even that beat-up trapper you keep in your pocket), the sub $10.00 price point on the knife belt make this a definite deal! Sure, it’s got a few issues, but you get a pretty hefty belt, a solid knife, and even a bottle opener for under $10.00… you’d pay that (or more) for just a standard nylon webbing belt… so you can’t go wrong with this one.

Claim your Free Knife Belt NOW!

Like I said earlier, 2 of the main cornerstones to survival planning are a good knife and a foolproof fire starter… this’ll cover you on the knife part. But, if you want something to take care of the other one… you might want to check out this fire starter.

What are your thoughts on the free knife belt?  Will it hold its weight… or will it fall flat in a crisis?

Let me know in the comments below.