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  • Best Led Tactical Flashlights Image

    4 Best Led Tactical Flashlights

    With any of the 4 best led tactical flashlights, you can be assured of powerful, durable, and efficient light throughout your stay in the wild. Let’s look at our top picks to pack along your gear as you explore the woods. Looking at the 4 Best Led Tactical Flashlights   J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight   […] More

  • Top 4 Brands To Buy Pocket Knives From Image

    Top 4 Brands To Buy Pocket Knives From

    Knowing the top 4 brands to buy pocket knives from will ensure you make the right selections when shopping for your survival gear. I mean, there are literally hundreds of blade manufacturers to pick from, so which should be your first, second, third, and perhaps fourth choice? Let us look at the best brands to […] More

  • using steel wool when SHTF image

    Using Steel Wool When SHTF

    Using steel wool when SHTF is not exactly one of the top ideas to conceive. I mean, you could have steel wool somewhere at home without even knowing that it could save your life one of these days. Despite that it’s been around for hundreds of years, the survival uses of steel wool are still […] More

  • must-have prepping gear image


    Essential Prepping Gear – Top Four

    I understand that you may have come across several blogs on “essential prepping gear.” While I dare not say the previous lists are invalid, I daresay that the tools on this list are truly essential to carry along when you go hunting, hiking, or camping. Each has its specific uses, which every true prepper will appreciate. […] More

  • best brands of survival knife image

    Best Brands Of Survival Knife

    Picking from the following best brands of survival knife will ensure that you get sufficient value for your money. The brands on this list have been in use for a long while and are well trusted among survivalists and preppers. Keep in mind that a good survival knife is enough to last you for as […] More

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    This is what PAIN sounds like…

    Confirmed: Deal Bottom Line: I’ve tested dozens of these stun gun flashlights over the years (and sold quite a few of them as well). But when I heard that the guys at Concerned Patriots were giving them out for Free, my first reaction was… you’re joking? The only way you could do that is if […] More

  • Free Credit Card Knife [Deal or Dud?]

    Is the free credit card knife a wallet-sized wonder…Or a cheaply made blunder? Confirmed: Deal Bottom line: At $4.95  for shipping, the free credit card knife is a pretty damn good deal.  Is it going to save your life and fend off that wild bear attack in the middle of the night….no.  But it does […] More