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  • Top 3 Mountain House Meal Picks Image

    Top 3 Mountain House Meal Picks

    In this article, we’ll shortlist the top 3 Mountain House Meal picks to pack for your trip into the wilderness.  Don’t get me wrong: Mountain House makes a lot of great products. They are, in fact, my favorite company for emergency foods. However, we’ll focus on the three tips in this article.  Before that, let’s […] More

  • Best Emergency Food Bars Image

    Best Emergency Food Bars

    When sweating through the dirt & grit, the least you could do for yourself is eat of the best emergency food bars. They are your finest choices in SHTF scenarios & anything else will hardly work. They offer just what you need to get through: calories! One or two bars are enough to see through […] More

  • Preserving Eggs Through Drying

    Preserving eggs through drying is common, but you may be surprised to know that few know how to properly. Usually, eggs preserved through drying should last for several weeks, but wrongly dried ones barely remain good after a week. Thus, many who make bloopers in the process are misled into thinking drying eggs is a […] More

  • Top 10 Survival Items for Camping

    Top 10 Survival Items for Camping

    Top 10 Survival Items for Camping Camping is such a fun time, especially with friends and family. Whatever season you may venture outdoors, make sure you have our Top 10 Survival Items for Camping to make your camping trip a success. Water Let’s face it, we can’t live without water for more than a few […] More

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    Fresh Find: Free “Gourmet” 72-Hour Survival Food Kit?

    Free 72-Hour Survival Food Kit From Food4Patriots: Is It A Fresh Find… Or Will It Leave You With A Bad Taste In Your Mouth? Confirmed: Deal Bottom Line: I have tasted a ton of survival foods over the years, from dehydrated and freeze-dried, to canned, and even ration bars. And, unfortunately, most of them have […] More