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  • Best Survival Shovels to Take to the Wild Image

    Best Survival Shovels to Take to the Wild

    This article apprises you of the very best survival shovels to take to the wild. These selections were made based on critical considerations and have been agreed to by experts & ordinary preppers alike. 4 Best Survival Shovels to take to the Wild   ZUNE LOTOO Tactical Annihilator   If what you’re searching for is […] More

  • Best Survival Lighters for 2021 Image

    Best Survival Lighters for 2021

    In this article, we’ll look at the best survival lighters for 2021 to help you make the appropriate choice when shopping.  Fire is a top priority in an SHTF scenario, as it does not only keep you warm & dry, it provides great comfort in a cold climate & is necessary for cooking. It is […] More

  • Best Knives for Bushcraft Image

    Best Knives for Bushcraft

    I understand that you may be more familiar with survival & hunting knives, but it’s time to check out the best knives for bushcraft. As a bushcrafter, blades are a vital part of your everyday life in the wilderness. It is only logical that you select the finest choices. 2 Best Knives for Bushcraft   […] More

  • Top 3 Camping Stoves for this Season Image

    Top 3 Camping Stoves for this Season

    Selecting any of these top 3 camping stoves for this season will ensure that you spend your money wisely and, more importantly, are perfectly equipped for the gripping wilderness. Remember that the uses of your stove make it indispensable, so you better get something that works well. Here we go. Shortlisting the Top 3 Camping […] More

  • Best Sleeping Bags for Camping Image

    Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

    Looking at the best sleeping bags for camping has become even more necessary due to the arrival of the cold. Winter can be unforgiving if you do not have the proper gear to face it with. Below, we’ll look at the top sleeping bag recommendations for preppers & survivalists. 3 Best Sleeping Bags for Camping […] More

  • Best Winter Boots for Men Image

    Best Winter Boots for Men

    With the snows & reindeers already upon us, it is only necessary to look at the best winter boots for men. Whatever this year brings forth, it sure can’t stop Santa from coming forth, nor should it stop you from hitting the wilderness for some adventure. So, if you’re surfing the lake, hunting for deer, […] More

  • choosing a good neck knife image

    Choosing A Good Neck Knife

    Choosing a good neck knife boils down to a few considerations, but before we continue, what are they? A neck knife is a tiny blade weighing just 1 oz. When well kept on you, this blade will never be noticed except if you’re passing through a metal detector or getting searched by a pro. Surely, […] More

  • must-have prepping gear image

    Essential Prepping Gear – Top Four

    I understand that you may have come across several blogs on “essential prepping gear.” While I dare not say the previous lists are invalid, I daresay that the tools on this list are truly essential to carry along when you go hunting, hiking, or camping. Each has its specific uses, which every true prepper will appreciate. […] More

  • choosing the ideal survival footwear image

    Choosing The Ideal Survival Footwear

      Choosing the ideal survival footwear is essential. Your feet do so much work, especially when SHTF and they must be taken care of. When ticking items on your survival gear checklist, a good pair of boots should come first. Whereas you can make your knives or spears in the wild, set up a shelter […] More

  • Free Credit Card Knife [Deal or Dud?]

    Is the free credit card knife a wallet-sized wonder…Or a cheaply made blunder? Confirmed: Deal Bottom line: At $4.95  for shipping, the free credit card knife is a pretty damn good deal.  Is it going to save your life and fend off that wild bear attack in the middle of the night….no.  But it does […] More

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    Fact Or Faked – Is The Free Flashlight From Survival Life Real?

    Is The “Free” Hybeam Mini Flashlight From Survival Life A Scam? Confirmed: Deal Bottom line: For a sub $10.00 flashlight, the Hybeam Mini gets the job done.  Sure you could pick up a couple of those cheap 9 LED bulb lights from the hardware store for a couple of bucks… but they won’t work much […] More

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    Is the “Free” Everstryke Match from Survival Life Really Free?

    The “Free” Everstryke Match from Survival Life: The Ultimate Fire Starter? Or Just A Flash In The Pan?” Confirmed: *PUSH* (read below) Bottom Line: This matchbox-style fire starter is an upgraded version of the old flint and steel model that has its own self-contained fuel source. When it comes to a survival situation, you can […] More