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  • Best Compression Sacks For Your Money in 2021 Image

    Best Compression Sacks For Your Money in 2021

    Selecting the best compression sacks for your money in 2021 does not have to be a horror show requiring you to canvas hundreds of sites before making a decision. Thanks to the concise article you’re about to read below. Here are the top 3 compression sacks to buy this year. Remember to choose one that […] More

  • Best Predator Calls to Buy in 2021 Image

    Best Predator Calls to Buy in 2021

    Choosing the best predator calls in 2021 has to be based on a couple of considerations, including amplification, range, weight & other factors. I have considered all these & even more (price) to offer you a succinct list of the most effective game imitators you’ll find in the market today. Here we go. Top 3 […] More

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    Top 3 Tomahawks for The Great Outdoors

      Selecting the top 3 tomahawks for the great outdoors shortlisted below was done after a couple of close assessments. The goal of the selection was to ensure that you have the best option at hand, having known how to throw your hawk.  Let’s see the entries below. Reviewing the Top 3 Tomahawks for the […] More

  • Top 4 Motorcycles For Bugging Out Image

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    Top 4 Motorcycles For Bugging Out

    For me (and most others, I’m assuming), topics like the top 4 motorcycles for bugging out only started gaining my interest after the 2004 Long Way Round, which had Charley Boorman & Ewan McGregor traveling across Europe to America on their BMW R1150GS bikes.  I mean, until then, I wasn’t sure I’d ever seen motorcycles […] More

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    Most Useful Survival Books for Your Library

    After reading the most useful survival books for your library that will be highlighted below, you could bet you’d be the most valuable prepper around you — except if you’re close to someone who has read even more.  There are thousands of books on survival out there, and it isn’t strange that they all lay […] More

  • Best Generic Kits On The Market Today Image

    Best Generic Kits on the Market

    The below mentions are the best generic kits on the market, and I strongly advise that you have one of them. This is because you need to have kits that will not disappoint you when push comes to shove. You may see differences in the options below: just choose what’s best for your needs & […] More

  • Best First-aid Kits to Buy This Year Image

    Best First-aid Kits to Buy This Year

    Let’s look at the best first-aid kits to buy this year, as they are very important. Remember that remaining healthy is a big challenge in a survival situation. Having the know-how & tools to handle injuries in time can be what draws the line between life & death. The two kits below were selected with […] More

  • Best Survival Gas Masks Image

    Best Survival Gas Masks

    When dealing with CBRN agents, you want to have the best survival gas masks with you, as anything below standard is sure to cause death. It is needless to say that an ordinary mouth & nose shield will do nothing against nuclear air, nor will it be a half-face gas mask.  Note that there are […] More

  • Best Water Shoes for 2021

    In this article, we’ll look at the best water shoes for 2021. This may be coming early, given that we still have several months before it starts raining. But, of course, there are plenty of other places you’ll come across on your foray into the wild that will require you to wear water shoes. Let’s […] More

  • Top Multitools for Your Money Image

    Top Multitools for Your Money

    Except you’re a prepper who spends $500 000 a day on drinks, I believe you’d have a great interest in this list of the top multitools for your money.  Multi-tools are excellent tools in the wild. Having one of them in your pack nullifies the existence of several other tools.  3 Top Multitools for Your […] More

  • Best Camping Tents For You and Yours Image

    Best Camping Tents for You And Yours

    We’ll look at the best camping tents for you and yours this winter and every other season. We’d have focused solely on the winter, but there’s no extreme need to as the options below will do very well in cold & every other temperature.  Meanwhile, the importance of bringing the ideal tent on your trip […] More

  • Top 2 Get-home Bags for Preppers Image

    Top 2 Get-home Bags for Preppers

    Recognizing that one of the foremost lessons of prepping is that catastrophe hits anytime, it is ideal to know the top 2 get home bags for preppers so you don’t have any problem when you have to bug out. We know that there’s no guarantee of when a disaster may occur. You may be at […] More

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