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  • Uniting and Strengthening America through Patriot Gear

    The official name on the USA PATRIOT Act is Uniting as well as Strengthening America through Appropriate Tools Required to intercept and also Prevent Terrorism. This Act in 2001 to look at the law in its entirety. USA PATRIOT Act The USA PATRIOT Act aims to deter and penalize terrorist activities in the Country and […] More

  • Top 10 Survival Items for Camping

    Top 10 Survival Items for Camping

    Top 10 Survival Items for Camping Camping is such a fun time, especially with friends and family. Whatever season you may venture outdoors, make sure you have our Top 10 Survival Items for Camping to make your camping trip a success. Water Let’s face it, we can’t live without water for more than a few […] More

  • Top 10 Survival Items for Full-Time RVers


    Top 10 Survival Items for Full-Time RVers

    Top 10 Survival Items for Full-Time RVers In 2015, I decided to sell my house and buy an RV. I did not know what to expect, however, I was excited about the new adventure and couldn’t just jump in and hit the road. Preparing for being on the road is important. Making sure your RV […] More

  • First Aid Box: What Should You Have In It?

    From a sprained ankle to a scalded palm, one thing is sure; accidents can happen anywhere. It could be at home, school, a function, in the office, car or just about anywhere. No matter how careful you are, you can’t avoid an accident forever, but you can be prepared for it to an extent. Or, […] More

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    Free Credit Card Knife [Deal or Dud?]

    Is the free credit card knife a wallet-sized wonder…Or a cheaply made blunder? Confirmed: Deal Bottom line: At $4.95  for shipping, the free credit card knife is a pretty damn good deal.  Is it going to save your life and fend off that wild bear attack in the middle of the night….no.  But it does […] More

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    Is the “Free” Everstryke Match from Survival Life Really Free?

    The “Free” Everstryke Match from Survival Life: The Ultimate Fire Starter? Or Just A Flash In The Pan?” Confirmed: *PUSH* (read below) Bottom Line: This matchbox-style fire starter is an upgraded version of the old flint and steel model that has its own self-contained fuel source. When it comes to a survival situation, you can […] More