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Gear Checklist for Winter

Compiling a gear checklist for winter camping or hiking can be tricky due to the tons of options available to you. I’ve put together this carefully researched list to make your selections much easier. Let’s see the new gear to add to your arsenal for the cold weather.

Top 4 Recommendations for your Gear Checklist for Winter Camping or Hiking


Guardian Wool Blanket — Disaster Relief


As soon as the cold weather arrives, you should have a warm blanket in your car. You shouldn’t even wait until you’re hitting the woods for any adventure.

Consider that getting stuck in winter is a common occurrence, and with the possibility of a blizzard coming along, things can be pretty dangerous if you aren’t prepared. The effects of extreme cold must be avoided, come what may.

Keeping one of these blankets handy during this season will make a great difference. The Guardian blanket is a blend of synthetic fiber & unique wool that makes it resistant to fire & dry fast. Without a heavy wool blanket with you as you camp in the winter, you leave yourself dangerously exposed to danger.

Coglan Water-resistant Safety Matches


Making a fire is slightly important during summer, but when the blizzards are arriving, your limbs going numb, and your teeth clattering, being able to start a fire when necessary may make all the difference between life and death. I imagine now that freezing to death is extremely horrible, don’t you think?

Starting a fire in winter can be very difficult, but not with this weather-proof product of Coglan. These matches work perfectly even if they are wet in a snowstorm. They are a must-have as you explore the wilderness in winter.

Heat Pax 20-hour Body Warmer


Carrying waterproof matches won’t be of help every time. Let’s say that you get stuck in a snowstorm & have to wait or hike to find help. Few things will work in this scenario, not even a heavy blanket, as I don’t see how you intend to hike wrapped up in a blanket. 

Fortunately, a body warmer will do just fine. Bodywarmers are easy to store due to their size and should be with you wherever you go during winter. They can be kept in your car, and when SHTF, you can just put them under your clothing to stay warm for 20 hours.

On a freezing day, body warmers would be the ideal shelter in a blizzard.

Flashlight Radio by Survival Dynamo


Daytime is typically shorter during winter, so having a flashlight handy is a sensible idea. However, batteries get low very quickly when cold. To adequately prepare then, you’ll have to carry a lot of batteries about so you can replace them as soon as they are designed OR just get a flashlight that does not use batteries to work. 

Survival Dynamo’s Flashlight Radio derives power from a hand crank and will not die when necessary as a typical flashlight would. Also, this gear has a built-in radio that’s sure to improve a cold, solitary night in the woods.

Concluding your Gear Checklist for Winter

Preparing an ideal gear checklist for winter is necessary. Thankfully, you do not have to do much. Just walk through the concise list above and place your orders online. You should also consider getting a flameless cooking bowl and survival noodles & chicken. What else do you stockpile against winter?