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Fact Or Faked – Is The Free Flashlight From Survival Life Real?

Is The “Free” Hybeam Mini Flashlight From Survival Life A Scam?

Hybeam Mini Free Flashlight

Confirmed: Deal

Bottom line:

For a sub $10.00 flashlight, the Hybeam Mini gets the job done.  Sure you could pick up a couple of those cheap 9 LED bulb lights from the hardware store for a couple of bucks… but they won’t work much better than a nightlight. Do yourself a favor and snag a Hybeam mini to keep in your kit, glove box, nightstand…. or all 3 😉

Snag one now and test it out for yourself.

For the full details check out our hands on review of the Hybeam Mini below:.


No Survival Kit is complete without a good flashlight… but we’ve come a long way from the old incandescent lights that, more often than not worked better as a club than a light source.

The Hybeam Mini is a pretty decent take on a compact and incredibly bright “tactical light”  that also doubles as a glass breaker and a defensive tool. Check out the video below to see what it has to offer:

Check out the video below to see what it has to offer:

FREE HyBeam Flashlight

The Good:

Incredibly Bright:  While I can’t verify the 300-lumen claim, this flashlight is extremely bright (as in… don’t look into the beam when it’s on 😉 )

Durable and well built: the aluminum design is tough while remaining lightweight so it won’t feel like a burden in your pocket.

A very effective strobe feature: Giving the button 3 “half presses” sets off the strobe function and it is extremely disorienting to an attacker… or yourself.

Waterproof: The hybeam has two O-rings that keep the electronics safe and dry… so that even if you drop it in the lake you won’t get left in the dark. (I left mine in a glass of water overnight and it still fired right up the next morning

Efficient: Using just a single AA battery yields anywhere from 3-10 hours of continuous light depending on the battery you used.  

** As a side note: Make sure you invest in top quality batteries especially if you plan on storing the light for a while… and remember to check your batteries when you do your quarterly gear check! 

The Bad:

Made for tiny hands: The wrist strap is a bit of a joke.. it barely fits on the palm of my hand and, while it works… I’d rather have one that goes around my wrist to keep me from dropping it. Also, for use as a defensive device, it only gives me about a 1/2″ of space between my hand and the beveled edge of the flashlight.  In a pinch, it will work, but it’s definitely not my go to.

Brightness “MAY” be overstated: I’ve seen dozens of flashlights (I’ll probably be reviewing more of them here shortly) that claim anywhere from 100- 10,000 lumens but when you stack them up next to each other… they all seem the same. The truth is… a lot of marketers overstate the output of their lights… because bigger means better…  Well, I can neither confirm nor deny that the bulb in the hybeam mini puts out 300 lumens… it’s still quite a bit brighter than my old Maglite!

Want to test it out for yourself? Click here NOW

Why it is free:

Survival Life is giving away the Hybeam as a way to introduce you to the FPA (Family Protection Association).  It’s a large and fairly active community of survivalists and preppers. Membership runs around $19.95 per month and comes with a pretty sweet tactical folding knife from Hoffman-Richter. They offer a ton of discounts to places you probably already shop. They also have an archive of information that is yours to download, print out, and share.  It’s definitely worth taking a look inside.

Remember, the membership is 100% optionalyou can say no and it won’t affect your free hybeam mini tactical flashlight.  But if you’ve got a few minutes, listen to what they have to offer, it might be something you’re interested in.

Shipping & Handling:

Shipping is $6.95 and it comes to your door via USPS.  The estimated shipping time is 7-14 days but I’ve seen it take up to 21+ days for some people (based on messages from their Facebook page)


They offer a 60-day return or replacement guarantee

Comparable models and what you can expect to pay:

There are quite a few options and you can even find the same model on Amazon for around 9.95 on sale (regular price is almost $25.00):


**The Rockbird LED flashlight is actually a pretty good deal, 2 for $9.99 with free shipping is pretty stellar, however, I’m not sure of the quality of this brand. So if you choose to go with this one, please shoot us an email and let us know what you think of it.  Also, BE ADVISED that if you go with the Rockbird or the J5 tactical, You’ll miss out on a pretty sweet bonus (see below).


With your new gear, you’re also going to get the Ultimate Survival Skills handbook.  This downloadable Ebook is an incredibly in-depth collection of checklists that will help you create a plan from scratch or find the holes in an existing plan that you may have missed.  It’s small… but that’s only because it lacks fluff and filler. 

This guide alone more than doubles the value of the Hybeam and is a must-read for anyone that wants to truly be prepared. Get it, read it, download it… you won’t regret having it.

Get it, read it, download it… you won’t regret having it.

Claim your Hybeam Mini and the Bonus Survival Guide Now


Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm CST

Facebook: (Fastest reply time that I’ve found)


Phone: (512) 366-3332

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A fraction of the size and weight of the old Maglites, The Hybeam Mini gives you a pretty good bang for your buck.  The sub $10.00 price point and the bonus guide make this a definite deal!

Claim your Hybeam Mini and the Bonus Survival Guide Now

What are your thoughts on the Hybeam Mini? Are you off to get one of your own? Or are you going to stick with the old standby?  Shed a little light on the subject in the comments below.