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Is The LifeStrike Pro Really A Foolproof Firestarter?

The “Free” Lifestrike Pro firestarter from Survival life: Too Good To Be True?

Confirmed: Deal

Bottom line:

This magnificently simple firestarter is one of the best I’ve ever come across.  It’s as easy to use as a zippo: just open, strike, and ignite.

Snag one (or more) of these now and test it out for yourself.

The Lifestrike pro (formally the Everstryke Pro) is a much needed upgrade of another product I’ve reviewed… but between the two of the… I’d suggest the lifestrike pro… hands down

Check out our review on the Everstryke Match Here 

For the full details check out our hands on review of the Lifestrike pro below:.


The Lifestrike pro is a modern take on the trench lighters that date all the way back to WWI.  This lighter was proven in battle and upgraded for civilian use.

Lifestrike Pro VS WWII “Trench Lighter”

I’d easily consider it a must have for any survival kit.  Not only is it simple to use but the design is waterproof, failsafe, and foolproof.  As long as you’ve got fuel in it, you should be able to get a fire going anywhere in no time flat!

Check out this quick video that shows exactly how it works and how to use it:

The Good:

Self-contained firestarter:  Load it up with fuel and toss it in your pack. The solid steel design and specially engineered O-rings mean that the fuel stays inside so it’s ready to go in a moments notice

Strikes hot burns hot: The Ferro rod strikes at over 3000 degrees, which is more than enough to ignite dry tinder but the key is the flame. Just like with the Everstryke match, Survival life states that the flame burns at over 600 degrees (I’ve measured it at over 1200 degrees with an infrared thermometer). which is more than enough to ignite fairly damp tinder and help you get a fire going.

Upgraded “Flat bottom” design: The original Lifestrike had a curved bottom that kept it from being able to sit flush on the ground. The Upgraded Lifestrike pro has a flattened bottom that

Ultralight and durable:  The Lifestrike Pro isn’t much bigger than a flash drive, so it takes up almost no space and weighs less than an ounce.  I’ve also dropped this bad boy off of the roof of a parking garage and it only came back with a few minor scuffs on the casing!  

The Bad:

Frankly, the only thing I have against the Lifestrike Pro is that the keychain attachment is a little cheap… I’d recommend replacing it with something more durable.

Why it is free:

Survival Life is giving away the Lifestrike Pro as a way to introduce you to the FPA (Family Protection Association).  It’s a large and fairly active community of survivalists and preppers. Membership runs around $19.95 per month and comes with a pretty sweet tactical folding knife from Hoffman-Richter.  They offer a ton of discounts to places you probably already shop. They also have an archive of information that is yours to download, print out, and share.  It’s definitely worth taking a look inside.

Remember, the membership is 100% optionalyou can say no and it won’t affect your free Lifestrike Pro.  But if you’ve got a few minutes, listen to what they have to offer, it might be something you’re interested in.

Shipping & Handling:

Shipping is $4.95 and it comes to your door via USPS.  The estimated shipping time is 7-14 days but I’ve seen it take up to 21+ days for some people (based on messages from their Facebook page)


They offer a 60-day return or replacement guarantee

Comparable models and what you can expect to pay:

There are quite a few




With your new gear, you’re also going to get the Ultimate Survival Skills handbook.  This downloadable Ebook is an incredibly in-depth collection of checklists that will help you create a plan from scratch or find the holes in an existing plan that you may have missed.  It’s small… but that’s only because it lacks fluff and filler. 

This guide alone more than doubles the value of the Lifestrike and takes the Lifestrike so much more than just another firestarter.  Get it, read it, download it… you won’t regret having it.

Claim your Lifestrike Pro Firestarter and the Bonus Survival Guide Now


Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm CST

Facebook: (Fastest reply time that I’ve found)


Phone: (512) 366-3332

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I used to carry a Zippo every single day (and I don’t even smoke) just to make sure that I always had a firestarter within arms reach.  Unfortunately I’ve had one too many encounters with “Zippo Leg” I stopped carrying it.  The Lifestrike Pro gives me everything I loved about my zippo without the fear of leaking and having the fluid run dry when i need it the most… My recommendation… get a Lifestrike Pro ( or get a few of them) and keep them in your packs, pockets, purse… you’ll never regret carrying one.

Claim your Lifestrike Pro Firestarter and the Bonus Survival Guide Now

What are your thoughts on the Lifestrike Pro? Is it a drastic improvement to the old WWII “Peanut lighter…” or should they have just left it alone?