Most Useful Survival Books for Your Library

After reading the most useful survival books for your library that will be highlighted below, you could bet you’d be the most valuable prepper around you — except if you’re close to someone who has read even more. 

There are thousands of books on survival out there, and it isn’t strange that they all lay claim to being the best. Choosing one out of these would be too difficult for you. So, I’ve taken my time to shortlist the best four books on all topics relating to prepping & survival you can find today.

Here we go.

Top 4 Most Useful Survival Books for Your Library

BUSHCRAFT 101 — A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival — Dave Canterbury


I could bet my last bucks that this book will appear within 1st to 3rd of every list on the best survival books — except if what we are discussing is solely on cars & automobiles. 

Bushcraft 101 is arguably the finest book for a newcomer to outdoorsman due to its explicit explanations & engagement of diagrams. Dave Canterbury, the writer, is a survivalist expert who’s well-known across the country. This book emphasizes minimalism — which is the art of engaging minimal gear & taking full advantage of what is in nature already. The book centers on the 5 Cs of survival, covering, cutting tools, combustion, cordages & containers. Bushcraft101 transcends wilderness survival; it includes thriving out there with little or no gear at all.

Mountaineering First Aid — Jan Carline, Steven MacDonald & Marth Lenz


Mountaineering First Aid is choked with valuable information on first aid discharge & accident response. To show that it was carefully thought out, the book is pocket-sized, which makes it easy to add gear to add to your first aid kit or carry in your pockets wherever you go. So, if you, at any time, happen to get injured, you can quickly attend to yourself with the handbook. Remember that the response time is always critical. 

This book just may save your life. 

Green Beret Survival Manual — Mykel Hawke


Mykel Hawke is an ex-Special Forces officer in the US Army, so expect this book to be valuable. The author puts down his years of invaluable experience spent afield. The book addresses the essential needs for wilderness survival, covering topics like fire making, shelter building, first aid, navigating & tool making. He also touches the psychology of survival, prepping your optimal state of physical & mental health if you ever find yourself in an SHTF scenario. 

98.6°: Keeping Your Ass Alive — Cody Lundin


Whereas most books center on subjects involving food, water, first-aid & navigation, Cody makes a difference, and it’s a helpful, significant one. 

The author focuses on the maintenance of your core temperature if you ever find yourself in harsh conditions. While this is a very important aspect of survival, it is ironic that it is commonly ignored. After all, you will last three days without water; 2-3 weeks without food, but you’d never survive the day if your body temp falls below 98.6° for some hours. 

This book teaches you how to regulate & maintain the ideal temp everywhere you may be — be it the middle of a blizzard or the desert.

Concluding the Most Useful Survival Books for Your Library


Selecting the most useful survival books for your library is surely made easier with this list. There are many more, but these are the most important ones. Depending on your finances, get at least one of these, although I’d advise all since each discusses different topics. Which of these survival classics do you have?