Recommended Gear for Radiation Poisoning

Recognizing the possibility of an all-out nuclear war soon necessitates knowing the recommended gear for radiation poisoning. I mean, it is clear that tensions are palpable among several countries, and it is only a matter of time before one goes rogue (although most likely undercover) and discharges a nuclear weapon. 

Keep in mind that the impacts of a nuclear weapon will go far and beyond and even travel in the wind & water, so you see no one’s safe. Let’s look at the gear to stockpile to protect yourself from radiation poisoning should push come to shove.

Top 4 Recommended Gear for Radiation Poisoning


From research conducted on radiation treatment for cancers, we now know that specific supplements, vitamins & minerals are useful for avoiding radiation poisoning. Therefore, taking surplus doses of these ingredients during a nuclear attack is highly advisable until you’re extremely far from the potential reach of the radiation effects.

Note that using these nutrients isn’t the same as wearing a vibranium suit or being in a blast shelter. Nonetheless, they have excellent protective abilities.

Potassium Iodate


Potassium iodate is the most effective treatment for radiation poisoning; I even think you must have heard of it. This pill will kill off radiation poisoning as soon as it starts. Their remarkable potency is attributed to their ability to nullify Radioactive Iodine 131, a very deadly part of radiation poisoning that is incredibly harmful to the thyroid. 

Stock up Potassium Iodate (Ki03) in large quantities. These pills provide your thyroid with a shield that protects it from the effects of iodine 131. 

Vitamin C


Regarded as a potent antioxidant, the presence of vitamin C in this list shouldn’t be surprising. This is because hundreds of studies have established antioxidants’ potency in wiping out free radicals, which are damaged cells that cause cancers. The same cells are the aftermath of radiation poisoning, so you see.

A research was conducted on the usefulness of vitamin C in radiation poisoning following the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The researchers found out that emergency workers who used high doses of the vitamin recorded significantly lower levels of blood disorders & DNA damage, which was a stark contrast to the workers who failed to take the vitamin earlier.

Vitamin E


Another highly powerful antioxidant, vitamin E, is also considered effective in treating radiation poisoning. In fact, studies are suggesting that the combination of Pentoxil with Vitamin E will help to reverse the injuries caused by radiation poisoning. Even if there’s no Pentoxil available, you should take vitamin E, although in higher doses.

As a reference, cancer clinics advise patients undergoing radiation treatment to avoid vitamin E, as it protects cells from the effects of radiation. Well, think of it too…



There’s no way you haven’t heard of probiotics over the years, but did you know they can be very useful against radiation poisoning? Stockpile more probiotic supplements & foods and eat very large amounts the moment nuclear warfare is launched. 

But how do probiotics influence radiation poisoning?

Radiation exposure will most likely damage the beneficial bacteria in the gut, and with these gone, you’re so susceptible to whatever attacks your system. Probiotics aren’t as vibrant as vitamins C & E in protecting the cells, but they’ll foster good health throughout the body & get the healthy gut bacteria up & running.

Concluding The Recommended Gear for Radiation Poisoning


Asides from the four recommended gear for radiation poisoning discussed above, herbs like milk thistle, green tea & ginseng will also come in handy. Put on protective clothing too, such as long-sleeve shirts & light-colored pants. Also, come with water purifiers. There’s no way to tell if the effects of the radiation have contaminated a water body.