Selecting the Ideal Magnesium Fire Starter

Selecting the Ideal magnesium fire starter has to be thoroughly thought through. If you can’t or are unsure of the yardsticks for doing so, this article solves your puzzle. We have shortlisted the top 3 magnesium fire starter products to pick out of the saturated market. 

Shortlisting The Top 3 Magnesium Fire Starters

SHARPSURVIVAL Magnesium Fire Starter


The SS magnesium fire starter is a reliable source of wind-resistant spark. It is a great tool for emergencies & camping designed to start fires more easily outdoors. This product has a whistle for SOS signals & a compass for finding your way out of crossroads. These features make this fire starter a recommended gear for every hiker, fisher & hunter. It is quite lightweight too at 5.6” by 3.1”, so fitting it in your pockets is a piece of cake.

The scraper can be easily grasped too, and it makes flames very quickly. This is possible because it has both a serrated & flat edge that shaves off magnesium with ease. There is a guarantee that your SS magnesium fire starter will work for about 15 000 times. To conclude, it works fine in all weather conditions.

FIREFAST Magnesium Fire Starter


The FF magnesium fire aid is an Australian product that combines tech expertise with unique craftsmanship to produce ferrocerium. It is sized at just 0.37” by 3”, so carrying on hunting, fishing, or hiking trips isn’t any problem. The rod does well in all conditions & assures you of thousands of sparks. It has successfully scaled military tests, in fact. 

This product features a wooden handle for a firm grip even in freezing temps. When SHTF, you can quickly shave off some tinder from the handle to make a fire. The striker is made of steel & will generate sparks brilliantly when sharpened. The FF has a rating of 550 pounds tensile strength, so any fear of rotting or breaking is unfounded.

There is a lifetime limited warranty, enabling you to request a refund or replacement if there’s any defect in the material or workmanship. There’s the promise of 15 000 minimum sparks too. 

GREADIO Magnesium Fire Starter


The GREADIO is a 6-in-1 multipurpose gear that serves as a map scale, hex wrench, ruler, bottle opener, small saw & fire starter. Perfect for fishing, hunting, or camping with the assurance of 15 000 minimum usages. The product works by shaving magnesium off its rod on tinder, which is done using the scraper’s serrated edge. Only 1 or 2 sparks are required to get your fire going if the tinder is correctly constructed.

Themis product is water-proof, so it works perfectly in very low temps or rainfall. The size is small & its lightweight, so portability is not an issue at all. The generated sparks from every try are very big, so fire starting is quite easy. 

The manufacturers offer a warranty that lasts 12 months, during which you can return it to be refunded or get a replacement if it doesn’t work as advertised. This warranty cannot be applied if you’re the cause of damage.

Final Lines on Selecting the Ideal Magnesium Fire Starter


Thanks to our list, selecting the ideal magnesium fire starter doesn’t have to be difficult. Make a choice based on your preference, that’s all. And just so you know, you wouldn’t pick wrong even if you shut your eyes while selecting any of the three products above.