Special Uses Of Trash Bags


Thoughts on the special uses of trash bags can sound pretty funny because to everyone (nearly everyone), trash bags are always meant for trashing dirt. At the end of this article, you’d not think so anymore, if you presently do.


10 Special Uses Of Trash Bags


Trash bags can be an important gear to carry to the wild. Let’s see how.


Emergency Solution For Packing Up


Packing up during an emergency can be difficult, given that an average tent will hardly fit in your backpack. Plus, it is always so heavy that you can’t carry on your head. Even a single-man tent won’t fit in your backpack. Fortunately, trash bags and duct tape will work just fine if you have to pack up in an emergency. This will be extra appreciated by people who practice “leave no trace” camping.


Helps To Keep Dry


The availability of trash bags may help you keep your feet and shoes dry in the wild. I’m sure you can see how now as you read. Wear a trash bag, tying it securely to your ankle using a duct tape rather than a rope or cordage. This will keep your feet protected from harsh weather conditions, be it rain or snow, and you will also not worry if your boots are not waterproof.

You may find this use most helpful when you have to walk in an extremely dirty terrain, say a marshland or swamp.


Reusable Storage Bags


The cost of storage bags can be crippling sometimes, and if you choose not to come with any, you’d be leaving your campsite littered. That’s bound to cause several problems (which I won’t look into now). However, with a couple of trash bags in your possession, you do not have this worry anymore. You can store clothes and other items in these bags. You can transform your trash bags to emergency bug-out bags or ponchos in a few minutes with this tactic. Lastly, trash bags are typically waterproof.


Alternative To Septic System


Trash bags can effectively replace the septic system during a disaster, whether short– or long–term. You can pass out excreta in these bags and do away with them. They can also be used to dispose of bloody clothing or bandages. Alternatively, this method of excreting can help limit the spread of a disease during a pandemic.


Makeshift Hats


Trash bags can be your umbrella when it rains. All you have to do is wear the bag on your head, or as an alternative, wrap over the head like it were a bandana. This will ensure that necessary movements made under rainfall don’t lead to health challenges, and you’re not spending on caps or actual hats.


Usable For Food Preparation


Sure, this may be flimsy, but you can use clean trash bags to prepare food. Once you can look past the mess that may be caused, you can mix ingredients in trash bags if there are no other containers.


Concluding The Special Uses Of Trash Bags


As you have read, the special uses of trash bags can come in very handy when SHTF. Luckily, trash bags cost very little, so you should have an excess of them in your bug-out bag. They can even be your bug-out bags.