Survival Hacks of Paper Clips


The survival hacks of paper clips can come in handy when SHTF. Let’s look at five ways through which you can put this common gear to good use, apart from pegging clothes.

Five (5) Survival Hacks Of Paper Clips


Fishing Hook


One of the most common survival uses of paper clips is to construct a fishing hook. Fishing is a good source of food in the wilderness. Aside from that, it’s no news that fish is delicious when properly cooked; there are also several nutrients to gain from them. Foraged roots or tubers have nothing on fish when it comes to importance. 

Paper clips bend easily, so making them into a fishing hook is quite simple. With the use of a multi-tool, you can redesign your clip to a hook. The end of your hook can even be sharpened on a rock for an effective sharp point.




Paper clips can’t work as splints for a broken leg, but they’ll be perfect as part of a bandage wrap if you hurt your finger. Paper clips will help to ensure that your finger is rearranged to its original, straight shape should you break it. And yes, while it will take a lot of paper clips to work out a splint for your finger, having the splints on will provide much more stability. So, when packing your first-aid kit, include some paper clips among the miscellaneous items.




Along with a magnetic piece of metal, a paper clip can be built as a compass in the wild. Finding true north may not require a standard compass, after all. To do this, get a pure piece of metal (that doesn’t contain gold, silver, or copper) and magnetize it alongside a paper clip. When done, place the metal piece on a leaf and leave it in water. The leaf will spin towards the north direction in the water. This is an excellent technique that will come in handy if you lose your way in the wild with minimalistic gear.




Should you ever get lost or need to pass information, you don’t necessarily have to wait on your mobile phone. A paper clip can be used to create or extend an antenna. Since they are easily manipulated, you can twist them into the shape of an antenna. Such a technique will work just fine if you need to get word out; or just for any purpose.


Metal Fix


A metal fix at the right time can save you a lot of trouble. Say, if your pair of glasses break accidentally, you may have a difficult time except you can quickly fix things. Thankfully, paper clips can be used to reinforce broken items & repair damaged metal gear for the meantime. They may not be permanent or long-term solutions, but working at the right time is what’s most necessary.


Concluding The Survival Hacks of Paper Clips


The wilderness is an unpredictable terrain that may leave you powerless within seconds. It is best to always be a little more prepared. These survival hacks of paper clips will undoubtedly be of great benefit.