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Tactical Knives To Carry

Knowing the right tactical knives to carry may prove crucial when the going gets tough. If you are familiar with the tactical knife, I’m sure you know of its usefulness and purpose. But in case you were wondering why to carry one, here’s why…

The foremost reason to carry a tactical knife often boils down to survival preparedness & occupation. To the Military, LEO, or First Responder, a good tactical knife can make all the difference. Even if you’re not hitting the wild yet, this blade can come in handy in several other instances.

You may use it to defend yourself & others, escape a car accident, and many more purposes. Meanwhile, few knives are as effective as the tactical in strenuous tasks, so it is great for several wilderness activities.

Top 3 Tactical Knives To Carry


Kershaw Emerson CQC-7


The CQC-7 is an affordable production knife designed on the long-lasting Ernest Emerson prototype. Often, affordability is never a feature of designer brands, but CQC-7 makes quite a difference. 

The knife has several unique parts, each with its distinct use. The pointed, hollow ground blade is just perfect for EDC tasks as well as self-defense. There’s a wave on its backside (the Emerson Wave) specifically built for NAVY SEALS in combat. The thumb disk on its spine is an opener. 

When correctly pulled out, the wave should catch your pocket side and, by that, unlock the knife & set it in a position of attack. It’s like an automatic revolver.

Automatic Boker Plus Strike


For its price, the Boker strike is impressively sturdy & well-built. It features an aluminum handle & a drop point blade, with the option to be serrated or not. The knife is big enough to handle with a glove, yet quite compact and doesn’t fill your pocket.

Coming with a built-in lock safety, you rarely have to work about an accident, whether in your pockets or hands. There’s hardly a knife that walks the line between usable, reliable & affordable better.

Safe Maker 1 — Cold Steel


The Safe Maker 1 is designed to be handled by the LEO but will do well in your hands as well. It is a push, self-defense dagger through & through. LEO personnel typically carry one on their duty belts, just being their holsters. So, if an attacker made a move for the officer’s gun, the officer could use his weak hand to guard the gun and use the other to whip out the dagger, thus neutralizing the threat.

However, while you’re not defending yourself, the Safe Maker 1 rarely has uses. While to many, this may be a turnoff, a camper hitting the jungle where you have the prowling jaguar should keep two nearby.

Concluding The Tactical Knives To Carry


When you hit the wild, selecting any of the tactical knives to carry mentioned above puts you in a safer position. Asides, since these knives are quite focused on self-defense, they would make a great tool for any suburban or just about anyone. Having a weapon to pull out should make a good point on any assailant.