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  • Best Knives for Bushcraft Image

    Best Knives for Bushcraft

    I understand that you may be more familiar with survival & hunting knives, but it’s time to check out the best knives for bushcraft. As a bushcrafter, blades are a vital part of your everyday life in the wilderness. It is only logical that you select the finest choices. 2 Best Knives for Bushcraft   […] More

  • Top 4 Brands To Buy Pocket Knives From Image

    Top 4 Brands To Buy Pocket Knives From

    Knowing the top 4 brands to buy pocket knives from will ensure you make the right selections when shopping for your survival gear. I mean, there are literally hundreds of blade manufacturers to pick from, so which should be your first, second, third, and perhaps fourth choice? Let us look at the best brands to […] More

  • Tactical Knives To Carry Image

    Tactical Knives To Carry

    Knowing the right tactical knives to carry may prove crucial when the going gets tough. If you are familiar with the tactical knife, I’m sure you know of its usefulness and purpose. But in case you were wondering why to carry one, here’s why… The foremost reason to carry a tactical knife often boils down […] More

  • choosing a good neck knife image

    Choosing A Good Neck Knife

    Choosing a good neck knife boils down to a few considerations, but before we continue, what are they? A neck knife is a tiny blade weighing just 1 oz. When well kept on you, this blade will never be noticed except if you’re passing through a metal detector or getting searched by a pro. Surely, […] More

  • best brands of survival knife image

    Best Brands Of Survival Knife

    Picking from the following best brands of survival knife will ensure that you get sufficient value for your money. The brands on this list have been in use for a long while and are well trusted among survivalists and preppers. Keep in mind that a good survival knife is enough to last you for as […] More

  • selecting the right steel knife quality image

    Selecting The Right Knife Steel Quality

      Selecting the right knife steel quality is more than considering the length and cool looks of the blade. The steel composition used to forge the blade is the ultimate difference in your knife’s effectiveness and durability. And, lastly, one can select different steel types for varying tasks. There’s a diverse range of qualities to […] More