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  • Best 3 Survival Jackets to Wear In The Wild Image


    Best 3 Survival Jackets to Wear In the Wild

    Below, we’ll look at the best 3 survival jackets to wear to the wild. They are of especial importance now that the weather is colder than normal. Shortlisting the Best 3 Survival Jackets to Wear In The Wild   LEGENDARY WHITETAILS MEN’S CANVAS CROSS TRAIL JACKET    The Legendary Whitetails Jacket is 66% polyester & […] More

  • Best Survival Machetes to Buy in 2021 Image

    Best Survival Machetes to Buy in 2021

    We’ll look at the best survival machetes to buy in 2021 because a sharp, dependable machete can be extremely helpful in the wilderness. From path clearing to personal protection, a machete is very worthy when it matters. Generally, when shopping for machetes, you want completely tang, which makes it very strong with few or no […] More

  • Best Water Shoes for 2021

    In this article, we’ll look at the best water shoes for 2021. This may be coming early, given that we still have several months before it starts raining. But, of course, there are plenty of other places you’ll come across on your foray into the wild that will require you to wear water shoes. Let’s […] More

  • Best Camping Tents For You and Yours Image

    Best Camping Tents for You And Yours

    We’ll look at the best camping tents for you and yours this winter and every other season. We’d have focused solely on the winter, but there’s no extreme need to as the options below will do very well in cold & every other temperature.  Meanwhile, the importance of bringing the ideal tent on your trip […] More

  • Top 2 Get-home Bags for Preppers Image


    Top 2 Get-home Bags for Preppers

    Recognizing that one of the foremost lessons of prepping is that catastrophe hits anytime, it is ideal to know the top 2 get home bags for preppers so you don’t have any problem when you have to bug out. We know that there’s no guarantee of when a disaster may occur. You may be at […] More

  • best 3 emergency candles image

    Best 3 Emergency Candles

    Having looked at the necessary features required to select a good survival candle, let us look at the best 3 emergency candles one could get these days. Of course, these candles were selected upon thorough considerations of essential factors, including burn time, wax, wick, smell & chemical emissions. Here we go. Shortlisting the Best 3 Emergency […] More

  • Best Night Vision Scopes for the Wild Image

    Best Night Vision Scopes for the Wild

    Having the best night vision scopes for the wild will ensure that a weekend getaway is truly bonding, as well as fruitful. While it may not require much to bond with friends & family, there’s no denying that there will be much happiness if you make some kills.  Plus, there are some animals that disturb […] More

  • survival hacks for coffee cans image

    Survival Hacks for Coffee Cans

      Reading of survival hacks for coffee cans is pretty amusing because, to most of us, they are merely designed for drinking. Yes, they may be, but we can always find our ways to pass all restrictions as preppers. Let us look at six uses of coffee cans when SHTF. 6 Survival Hacks for Coffee […] More

  • survival hacks of paper clips

    Survival Hacks of Paper Clips

      The survival hacks of paper clips can come in handy when SHTF. Let’s look at five ways through which you can put this common gear to good use, apart from pegging clothes. Five (5) Survival Hacks Of Paper Clips   Fishing Hook   One of the most common survival uses of paper clips is […] More

  • best brands of survival knife image

    Best Brands Of Survival Knife

    Picking from the following best brands of survival knife will ensure that you get sufficient value for your money. The brands on this list have been in use for a long while and are well trusted among survivalists and preppers. Keep in mind that a good survival knife is enough to last you for as […] More

  • choosing the ideal survival footwear image

    Choosing The Ideal Survival Footwear

      Choosing the ideal survival footwear is essential. Your feet do so much work, especially when SHTF and they must be taken care of. When ticking items on your survival gear checklist, a good pair of boots should come first. Whereas you can make your knives or spears in the wild, set up a shelter […] More

  • selecting the right steel knife quality image

    Selecting The Right Knife Steel Quality

      Selecting the right knife steel quality is more than considering the length and cool looks of the blade. The steel composition used to forge the blade is the ultimate difference in your knife’s effectiveness and durability. And, lastly, one can select different steel types for varying tasks. There’s a diverse range of qualities to […] More