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Top 10 Survival Items for Camping

Top 10 Survival Items for Camping

Camping is such a fun time, especially with friends and family. Whatever season you may venture outdoors, make sure you have our Top 10 Survival Items for Camping to make your camping trip a success.


Let’s face it, we can’t live without water for more than a few days. Carrying water on your trails, hiking, and camping is crucial to survival. You have some choices on how you choose to carry water. 

The first option, a hydration bladder, such as Camelback or Platypus makes carrying water equal distribution and stores in the bladder of your backpack. This bladder is hooked up to a connected tube, that comes out of your shoulder strap for easy sipping. 

The second option is carrying a water bottle. Water bottles are handy when you run out of the water and need to refill, they are easy to fill but can make your backpack feel off-balanced. Whatever way you choose to carry water, make sure you are drinking water each hour to stay hydrated. 

Water Purifier

Our bodies are made up of 60% water. Let’s face it, you can only live a couple of days without water. So having a water purifier is vital to survival when times get tough. Our favorite water purifier is by Sawyer. This compact, lightweight water purifier fits nicely on water bottles and is small enough to fit in your backpack and can be placed on a water bottle or used at any flowing body of water. 

First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit for any situation is important. Whether you create your own or buy one at the store, look through each kit, and think about which items you need or would like to have in it for when those dier times hit. Those store-bought first aid kits may not cut it on your hike or in the wilderness. Make sure each person in your party knows how to use each item in your kit. 

Flashlight & Radio with Charging Pack

If you are looking for a versatile flashlight and radio in one, check out the Midland – ER310 from Midland. This radio multi-power sources an SOS emergency flashlight beacon, NOAA weather scan & alerts. It also has a USB charging cable, so you can charge your most valuable devices. If you require a whistle, this device has an ultrasonic dog whistle to assist search during and rescue teams to locate those lost.  

Navigation Tools

Having a map, compass or even your phone will help navigate one that becomes disoriented. Getting lost or stranded in a wooded area can be frustrating and scary. Being prepare with these navigation tools will help you find your way out. 

Our recreational field compass of choice is by Sunnto which is lightweight, durable scratch-resistant clear acrylic, shows a two-zone system for reliable readings in the northern hemisphere, it has a fixed declination correction scale, jewel bearing, and dual scales (cm or inches), fits in your palm, and has a spot for putting a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck for convenience. 

Garmin makes a convenient GPS system that is lightweight and features topographic maps, tracks your heart rate and temperate sensor with 16-hour battery life. The data from the Garmin GPSMAP 64st can be uploaded to your Garmin Connect. This is a great find and a nice addition to your navigation tools. 

Emergency Card or Bracelet

When hiking in the wilderness, it is good to have an emergency card that has contacts, medical conditions, any medications you take. In case you are incapacitated, someone can look at this card or bracelet and know your condition. Make it visible and make those in your party aware of where this information can be found. It may mean the difference between life and death. 


Being able to light a fire while camping is crucial if you were to get lost. Having a compact TekFire Charge fuel-free lighter that fits in your backpack will help keep you warm and create some light if you need to be found. UST makes an easy to use, reliable lighter that is convenient when camping. 

Ready To Eat Snacks & Meals

Ready to eat food while you are camping and hiking keep your life simple. No need to worry about cooking a big meal. These ready to eat foods will make your life simple and keep you satiated while you are out in the wilderness: our go-to snacks are trail mix, beef jerky, and granola bars. Whether you buy them or make them, they do not need to be chilled to stay fresh. 

When it comes to meals, think smarter, not harder. If you do not want to slave away while you are camping, these are our top 3 meals ready to eat. 

Backpacker’s Pantry makes wonderful freeze-dried food that you need to just add water and they are ready. From Shepard’s potato stew with beef to three-cheese mac and cheese, these meals are easy to please. 

Good to Go also does dehydrated foods, from risotto to gumbo, this company even has a 5-day emergency kit which will give you peace of mind when camping. 

From lentils to oatmeal, Omeals has on the go self-heating nutrient-dense meals that are easy to eat and convenient. All three of these companies are trailblazers in the ready to eat meals. Try them out and see which ones fuel your body.

Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is the ultimate multifunctional tool of the wilderness. It is so versatile and can be used to cut a rope, slice meat, sharpen a stick, or tighten a screw. Morakniv makes a high quality Swedish stainless steel fixed blade knife. It is a solid knife with a rubberized grip. At less than twenty dollars and a lifetime warranty, this is a knife to check out. 

Tent & Sleeping Bag

If you have ever star gazed while sleeping outside, you may want to consider a tent and sleeping bag for emergency shelter during unpredictable weather. 

A tent is great for shielding you from uncomfortable conditions, like wind, rain, and scorching UV sun rays. Make sure your tent comes with stakes, rope, tent, tent poles & a rain fly. Eureka makes a great two-person tent, the Eureka Midori 2 person tent is a lightweight, weather-tough, roomy two-person tent with nice headroom. 

My favorite sleeping bag is by REI. The REI Co-op magma 30 is an all-around good sleeping bag for multiple conditions, high-quality materials yet lightweight. The price is on the high end, but well worth the quality and ability to take with you while you are hiking.

The next time you head out the door on a camping trip, double-check your backpack to make sure you have the Top 10 Survival Items for Camping.