Top 3 Mountain House Meal Picks

In this article, we’ll shortlist the top 3 Mountain House Meal picks to pack for your trip into the wilderness. 

Don’t get me wrong: Mountain House makes a lot of great products. They are, in fact, my favorite company for emergency foods. However, we’ll focus on the three tips in this article. 

Before that, let’s see reasons to consider meals by Mountain House:

Long shelf life: like all survival foods should be, Mountain House products last very long on the shelves. In fact, they have a 30-year guarantee on their packages. The best part of this warranty is that it extends to the taste of the meal. 

Variety: The brand offers a very wide range of foods, ranging from desserts, entrees & side dishes. Smoothies are even available now. I daresay that there’s no way you surf their website & you wouldn’t find at least one product that interests you.

Taste: Unlike the standard military MREs, Mountain House focuses on the tastes of their delicacies as much as they do on longevity. A pouch of their freeze-dried meal may not look attractive at first, but wait until you pour some hot water. These products taste so great that you can eat them at home as snacks.

Customer Service: I haven’t had problems since I’ve been buying food with Mountain House. However, I’ve had some questions that needed answers & the support team was indeed supportive. That was nice. 

Shortlisting the Top 3 Mountain House Meal Picks

Breakfast Skillet


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while this can be argued, what I know for sure is that I enjoy my breakfast a lot. I would hate to sacrifice its taste when SHTF and the brand seem to be aware of that. 

The package contains scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns & a mixture of veggies. It’s primarily a poached omelet. The pack is easily filling, pleasant to taste & boasts wonderful flavors. I believe the least I could do for myself in a world after SHTF is to eat a good breakfast, don’t you think so too?

Chili Mac


Also a fan favorite, this product combines macaroni noodles with kidney beans, beef pieces & chili sauce to offer a truly excellent flavor & texture. No doubt, this meal will leave you craving for more.

And don’t be worried about the chili. I do not enjoy eating very spicy meals, yet the Chili Mac is my favorite. It’s because the spices are just enough to give a culminating taste. Trust me when I say you’ll be licking your lips instead of sweating from the chili. 

Creamy Macaroni


The Creamy Macaroni comes with cheese. It is essentially large macaroni noodles mixed with this creamy cheese sauce that’s sure to blow your taste buds away. 

I enjoy this product, but I must say that the water recommendation is somewhat too much, making the cheese thinly textured. I suggest that you try out different water amounts until you get the ideal thickness for you. 

Concluding the Top 3 Mountain House Meal Picks


The top 3 Mountain House meal picks selected above are only a few out of the overwhelming number of tasty recipes on offer by the company. You may enjoy & may not enjoy them. Let me ask, though: which is yours? Have I included it above?