Top 3 Tomahawks for The Great Outdoors


Selecting the top 3 tomahawks for the great outdoors shortlisted below was done after a couple of close assessments. The goal of the selection was to ensure that you have the best option at hand, having known how to throw your hawk. 

Let’s see the entries below.

Reviewing the Top 3 Tomahawks for the Great Outdoors

SOG Specialty F01TN Hawk


This is a very popular tomahawk, thanks to the plenty of features on offer as well as the affordable price. The product is multipurpose, meaning that you can use it for several purposes like clearing brush & defending yourself when necessary. It features a handle made out of glass-fortified nylon, promising longevity & stability while ensuring a firm grip at the base.

The head is made of stainless steel, measuring 2.75” while the full gear itself is approximately 15.75” while weighing just 24 ounces. There’s a complete lifetime warranty too. Lest I forget, this is a tactical hatchet, so expect it to go through blocks, doors & whatever while maintaining a sharp edge. 

United Cutlery Ranger Tomahawk


This is a moderately priced tomahawk that comes with an 8” large blade size. Apart from the regular blade, the Ranger has a pick ax-formatted tip on the back, which is also very shaped & can cut through a lot of things. Overall, the hawk is 15 ½”, and there’s a compass to help you travel correctly — you can easily cut through brush if you have to.

The handle is 30% fiberglass, while the blade is stainless steel. This product weighs over 2 pounds & is not an option for kids. What it lacks in lightness, though, it makes up for in other specs. For example, the handle is wrapped in about 10 feet paracord. This will ensure perfect grip when using, and offer sufficient rope for whatever purpose when you have a need for it. 

Browning Shock N’ Awe Hawk


This small-sized hawk is American, moderately priced & weighs above 2 pounds despite its size. This makes it a little too heavy if you’re using it tactically. 

This model is only 13” long, while the blade measures just 9”. The composition can be considered why it’s heavy, with the blade boasting high carbon 1055 tool steel. It looks like a hammer, with the head section, including the spike & blade, making a single metal piece that has the handle attached to it.

Like the option above, the S&A has a handle wrapped in paracord, so there’s always a way out of difficult circumstances if you find yourself in one. There’s a full warranty for the product too.

To conclude, the handle & head weigh the same pounds, so there is no imbalance when using it. This implies that the tool is multipurpose. It is rust free & the blade will cut through nearly everything you find out there. 

Concluding the Top 3 Tomahawks for the Great Outdoors


Making a choice out of the top 3 tomahawks for the great outdoors reviewed above is quite easy. Just consider what you need  & the cash you can afford. They cost differently — fortunately. Which is your choice? Let’s find out in the comment box.