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Top 4 Brands To Buy Pocket Knives From

Knowing the top 4 brands to buy pocket knives from will ensure you make the right selections when shopping for your survival gear. I mean, there are literally hundreds of blade manufacturers to pick from, so which should be your first, second, third, and perhaps fourth choice?

Let us look at the best brands to buy your pocket knife from, keeping in mind reliability, efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability.

Top 4 Brands To Buy Pocket Knives From


Ontario Knife Company


With over 125 years of producing hardcore knives, there’s no doubting the quality of OKC pocket knives among seasoned preppers. But let’s not even count on that. What we are counting on here is that Ontario supplies the US Military pocket knives to use at the front lines. This should be more than enough to convince anyone, given that the military will not charge into battle with substandard equipment. 

OKC produces arguably the sturdiest, sharpest, and most durable pocket knives, one of which is the Rat, a cheap but remarkably outstanding model. For a survivor on a budget, Ontario is your best choice, as the brand proves that high-standard does not have to be expensive.



​No list discussing pocket knives leaves out Victorinox…yes, that’s how reputable the brand is. Also quite affordable, the company is the manufacturer of perhaps the most trusted blades in history: The Swiss Army Knife. Whether a boy scout, woodsman, prepper, or even handyman, every outdoor enthusiast has handled a Victorinox at some point.

Victorinox is also known for the Workcamp, a multi-tool that has over 30 various functions. Your toolbox surely can’t go into your survival kit, but it doesn’t have to. The Workcamp makes sure of that, thanks to its incredible versatility. 

Be careful when buying, though. There are cheap imitations, so be sure you’re buying the right Victorinox when you shop.

Emerson Knives


Emerson is a typical embodiment of “you deserve what you pay for,” which is one reason it is making this list. Due to their excellence in quality, you’ll rarely find an Emerson fan trying out another brand of blade. All knives are designed to be dangerous, but Emerson makes even more dangerous blades.

This brand makes knives for combat, not to cut or chop. They are chiefly designed to disable and harm an attached. The knives are unarguably made from high-quality steel and last very long if catered for properly.

SOG Specialty Knives 


SOG has serious bragging rights, and for a good reason. The brand is used (trusted) by the most elite force in the country: the Navy Seals. So, if you’re in search of a good pocket knife and come across a SOG, I daresay that you pick it without thinking twice — as long as it’s the original brand.

Despite the remarkable quality of this brand, its prices are affordable. It is really difficult to find other brands that offer superiority at cheap costs.

Concluding The Top 4 Brands To Buy Pocket Knives From


Knowing the top 4 brands to buy pocket knives from, I believe making the ideal gear selection will be much easier. Apart from the brands above, you can also trust Zero Tolerance Knives, as the brand is equally reputable and excellent in quality. Let’s know what you think: do you have a favorite pocket knife brand?