Top 4 Motorcycles For Bugging Out

For me (and most others, I’m assuming), topics like the top 4 motorcycles for bugging out only started gaining my interest after the 2004 Long Way Round, which had Charley Boorman & Ewan McGregor traveling across Europe to America on their BMW R1150GS bikes. 

I mean, until then, I wasn’t sure I’d ever seen motorcycles as any other tool apart from rebellious daredevil machines. But from that moment until now, I’ve come to regard bikes as survival facilitators. 

Let’s see the top 4 motorcycle picks when it comes to bugging out. 

Shortlisting the Top 4 Motorcycles For Bugging Out

Here we go.

Honda CRF450L


This Honda comes with 40 brake horsepower, so questions about its power are quickly put to rest. It is a street-legal off-roader with adjustable front & rear suspension, excellent ride clearance, and starts at just $10 000, although a secondhand acquisition may be $3000 less.

The engine capacity of this bike nearly doubles that of every other bike (save one) in this list. So, a used one in good condition will easily slug it out with the newest bug out bikes. The bike also covers an impressive 47.5 miles per gallon & its gas tank is made of titanium. Honda claims that titanium gas tanks are cheaper to make than plastic tanks.

Kawasaki KLX250


Starting at just $5000, this is a budget-friendly yet excellent bugout bike that boasts good enough ground clearance, adequate suspension & is well equipped for switching between on & off-road trails. And with the fuel tank capacity up to 2 gallons, you’d ride over 90 miles before a refill is needed. You can get a bigger 2.7-gallon tank as an upgrade if interested.



The 259 EXC is an Austrian bike that’s been in existence for over two decades. This longevity should be enough to convince you of how good the bike is. It is the only reason that manufacturers have kept it in circulation.

Many share this opinion. In fact, this bike will make nearly every list of the best bugout bikes if the writer knows about hardcore motorcycles at all. A dual-sport bike that doesn’t need to be tweaked & tweaked before working is always a welcome machine, no?



This is a very popular Enduro bike, one of the best across the globe, so seeing that it starts selling at $18 000 should be understandable. 

This bike is much bigger than others in this list, boasting a 1254 cc engine to generate over 135 HP. This bike could be your horse too. It can help to move weight weighing up to 480 pounds.

I would call this bike the superbike of all BOB bikes.

Concluding the Top 4 Motorcycles For Bugging Out


The selected top 4 motorcycles for bugging out in this list were made from models originating from the off-road & dual-sport classes. The concept behind this is quite obvious: they are simply your best shot at navigating plenty of terrains & weather conditions. For me, that’s a fulfillment of the very essence of bugging out: conquering the expected & unexpected.