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Top Multitools for Your Money

Except you’re a prepper who spends $500 000 a day on drinks, I believe you’d have a great interest in this list of the top multitools for your money

Multi-tools are excellent tools in the wild. Having one of them in your pack nullifies the existence of several other tools. 

3 Top Multitools for Your Money


This Gerber multi-plier is a multitool featuring 12 tools, although there’s the main tool, and that’s the spring-loaded, needle-nosed pliers. There are three different blades: a fine-edged pocket knife, a serrated-edged knife & a saw. Other features include small & medium flat drivers, a screwdriver, a cross-point screwdriver, a lanyard hole, a can opener & a bottle opener. 

Despite all this, this tool is just 3.5” when closed & 6” when unfolded. All the tools are made with top-grade stainless steel, while the handle is lightweight yet tough. Overall, this tool weighs just 9.6 ounces, meaning that you are unlikely to feel its heaviness in your bag. This item is protected with a ballistic nylon sheath. 

This multi-tool features Saf.T. + locking system, as all Gerber products do, which means the tool cannot be used except deliberately — thanks to its sliding lock.

Note that while the knives in this gear are quite impressive, I’d always advised you to come with a standalone good survival knife to the wild.


Leatherman has been a popular brand in multi-tools & the Wingman has always been one of their best productions. This particular multi-tool features 14 tools, 4 spring-loaded items inclusive: the scissors, the wire cutters, the regular pliers & the needle-nosed pliers. This tool also comes with a 420HC combo knife, which features a straight & serrated edge.

There are also three screwdrivers: small, medium & Philips. Other additions are a can opener, a package opener, a bottle opener, a metal or wood file, a wire stripper & a 1.5” ruler. All these tools are produced from 420HC stainless steel. 

When closed, the Wingman Multipurpose tool is just 3.8” with a total weight of 7 ounces. The tool is specially designed to be folded out, easily used & folded in with just one hand. Also, there’s a lock in place to ensure you’re not injured by accident.

GERBER Dime Multi Purpose Tool

This Gerber multi-tool is specifically designed to be rugged and not just in looks. The black multi-purpose tool is strong enough to withstand heavy & rough use. Unlike other tools, the Gerber Dime has even its handles made of stainless steel — like the blades. 

Thus multi-toil boasts 12 handy tools in everyday situations. Some of them are the wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, spring-loaded pliers, a fine-edged knife & a package opener. The screwdriver has a medium head, the same as the cross driver. There are also tweezers, scissors, file, bottle opener & lanyard ring.

This multi-tool is only 4.27” when opened & weighs just 2.2 ounces. Now, that’s arguably the lightest multi-purpose tool you can find around. 

Concluding The Top Multitools for Your Money

Select any top multitools for your money that we have discussed above to make the finest choices. Being properly geared when you hit the wild will ensure that you have a higher chance of survival. So, let’s hear from you: which of these 3 is it for you?