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While some of the information in this report is a bit dated (ie: information on the ammo shortage), and the book could use a companion video or more pictures with its step-by-step instructions, the information is still solid and well worth the cost of shipping.

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1. The World’s Only Flashlight Proven To Stop An Attacker’s Heart

The Execution Torch is the most brutal and effective tactical flashlight for self-defense. That’s because it’s not an ordinary tactical light. In fact, it’s so powerful it’s got a safety built onto it… just like a gun.

Even crazier? According to the company who sells it, people all over the U.S. trust the Execution Torch for self-defense as much as they trust their guns. That’s because this blindingly bright 800-lumen tactical torch doubles as a 2 amp, 4.5 million volt stun gun. Click here to see how it works.

2. Barely-Legal Handheld Laser Is So Powerful It’s Banned in 4 States

The Light Defender Tactical Laser is banned in 4 states. That’s because its incredible power produces the same 532NM diode green laser that U.S. troops use in foreign battlefields.

Americans nationwide are buying these by the thousands. That’s because they realize the Light Defender Laser will protect them when a gun or knife can’t. In fact, just one pass of this laser across an attacker’s face will fry their eyeballs – allowing you to escape an attack.

The Light Defender Laser also doubles as a complete survival tool. Its powerful beam is so strong it’ll shine for up to 12 miles. Not to mention, it’s so blindingly bright the U.S. Navy called it “one of the best emergency signals ever invented.” Score a special discount on the Light Defender Laser here.

3. Keep Your Windshield Clear & Protect Your Life at The Same Time

Special Promotion – Get one FREE right here.

If you want to protect yourself in a dangerous world – while making quick work of ice frozen to your windshield – you’ll want to get a CIA Ice Knife.

Weighing less than an ounce, the CIA Ice Knife is an ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber ice scraper that doubles as a brutal self-defense tool.

Its knife-like edge slides right under stuck-on ice and busts it off with ease. It also contains a built-in “brass knuckle” finger groove that helps decimate any attackers who come your way. This survival tool is legal to carry anywhere. Get one Free here.

4. Get A Free Tactical Backpack When You Order an Execution Torch

As part of a special preparedness promotion, you can get a Free Tactical Backpack with the purchase of an Execution Torch. The Execution Torch is the world’s only flashlight proven to medically stop an attacker from committing a violent crime against you.

The Execution Torch is an incredibly bright 800-lumen flashlight (as well as a 2-amp, 4.5-million-volt stun gun in disguise). It’s so powerful it has a built-in safety… and is shown to stop an attacker’s heart which will keep them from harming you for good!

Click here to see how it works.

5. See Why Criminals Are Absolutely Terrified Of This Flashlight

There isn’t a criminal in the world who’d be stupid enough to try and attack you while you’re holding an XL Stun Club.

That’s because this defense tool is part Billy Club and part Taser. With the click of a button (or the flick of your wrist) the XL Stun Club will devastate an attacker thanks to its built-in 5.8 million volt stun gun and heavy-duty club.

At 13.5 inches you’ll shock an attacker way before they can touch you. And if they happen to get too close, one solid whack with this super-sharp Billy Club will put them out cold. XL Stun Clubs are 70% Off here.

6. Save $100s On AA Batteries

The Ultra Charge is the only battery in the world that will save you money AND save your life. That’s because it charges via USB – meaning there are 1000+ charging options for it.

The Ultra Charge is lighter and longer-lasting than ordinary AA batteries. You can also recharge it from anywhere in the world (even in the middle of the ocean) making it ideal for any emergency kit.

7. The #1 Survival Tool For Cold Weather Protection

This simple and compact orange bag is easily one of the most important survival tools on the planet. At just 4.2 oz. the Emergency Sleeping Bag will protect you from the #1 killer in a crisis: exposure to the elements.

Big enough to fit a 7 ft. 300 lb. man the Emergency Sleeping Bag windproof, waterproof and will keep you warm in the coldest conditions. It does this with a NASA proven technology that reflects 90% of your body heat back to you. Most people keep one of these sleeping bags in their car, home, camping gear and emergency disaster kit.

8. Limited-Time Offer: Get Liquidation Prices On this $90 Tactical Backpack

We have too many Elite Tactical Backpacks in our warehouse and we need to get rid of them! The Elite Tactical Backpack has a retail value of $90. And when you see all its pockets, all the gear it can carry and how rugged and durable it is…

You’ll be sure to snatch it up at this incredible price.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you need it for – if you want to save money on this incredible bag there’s no better time than now to get one!

9. Normally $50 This Knife Is Yours For Pennies On the Dollar

As you probably know, Kershaw is one of the leading knife makers in the world. And their Kershaw OSO Sweet Folding Knife is one of their most popular everyday carry blades. And today you can get one of these knives for pennies on the dollar.

This blade is awesome. It has a spring-assist for easy, one-handed opening. The blade is 3.1 inches long and is made out of super-strong 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel. It’s also incredibly lightweight (just 3.2 oz) and has a supremely comfortable textured, glass-filled handle.

These knives are on clearance because they were supposed to have the logo printed on them… but that didn’t end up happening. So now they’re being sold at a HUGE discount.

10. New Book Teaches You UnKnown Ways to Survive A Crisis (Comes With $65 Survival Weapon Free)

This book could easily save your life. Every single chapter gives you hard-earned tips and tricks from one of the world’s leading survival experts. It also shows you all the steps to take in order to survive the first three days of a crisis.

The First 72 Hours also shows you which survival tools to never put in a survival kit, how to get food when the grocery stores are empty, ways to treat major injuries in a crisis, and so much more. Comes with 7 Free survival guides and a BONUS $65 survival weapon for Free.

11. Keep Food Hot Or Cold No Matter The Temp: Special Clearance Pricing

Normally $25, we’re going to give you this 25 oz. insulated food container for a price you won’t believe.

The RTIC “On-the-Go” Food Container will quickly become your go-to capsule for keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Doesn’t matter if it’s chili or ice cream – your food will stay the temperature you want (no matter what the temperature outside is) for up to 12 hours.

With a nice wide mouth for easy pouring and a double-walled lid, insulation is guaranteed. Plus, the RTIC “On-the-Go” Food Container looks great thanks to its premium gauge 18/8 stainless steel and durable powder coat. This keeps the container’s textured finish looking great for years to come.

12. Get a Steal Of A Deal On This World Famous Tactical Knife

Thanks to our industry hookups, you’ll save a massive amount of money on this highly desirable knife straight from Bear Grylls and Gerber. People have paid as much as $65 for this blade and you’ll get it for a liquidation price.

This knife is freaking awesome. It features a half-serrated 3.6″ blade that opens nice and smooth thanks to its dual-sided thumb stud. The blade is sinfully sharp, and you’ll love how comfortable its ergonomic rubberized grip is. This knife is lightweight, compact and will easily fit in a pocket or bag. So lightweight you’ll almost forget it’s there!