United States – Former president Donald Trump is launching a campaign rally in the South Bronx area of New York on Thursday night, seeking to woo the Democratic-leaning community as he continues his efforts to undermine Biden within the black and Hispanic communities.

Strategy and Political Landscape

Recent polls say that Trump is slowly growing popular among Black and Hispanic people – the population who are more likely to vote for the Democrats. Trump’s campaign perceives they can take a big chunk of their votes to influence the result in the swing states in the November 5 election, as reported by Reuters.

Unfortunately for Trump, New York is not such a state. According to political scientists, he lost it by 23 percentage points in 2020 and has no chance of winning in 2021. But a large turnout can be expected at a city rally televised by major stations, so his message can reach Black and Hispanic voters all across the country.

“I think it’s part of this larger narrative where he’s trying to chip away at Biden’s support amongst Black and Latino men, primarily,” said Christina Greer, an associate professor of political science at Fordham University. “By him going to the South Bronx, he can say, ‘I’m talking to communities that Joe Biden is taking for granted.'”

The points you have mentioned perfectly depict how Trump has been addressing Black voters, besides both candidates attempting to broaden the pool beyond the base in what national polls indicate to be a fairly close rematch.

Voter Preferences and Polling Data

Trump won the presidency of the United States in 2016 with the minority support of the Black and Hispanic voters, which was the least in 40 years; however, he improved his performance among both groups in the 2020 race.

In the March New York Times/Siena College poll, 23% of Black and 46% of Hispanic participants opted for Trump over Biden. That was significantly above the 12% of Black and 32% of Hispanic voters who supported Trump in the 2020 Edison Research’s exit polls.

In a recent interview, political pundits suggested that Biden’s popularity among the non-white demographic in this round of voting is declining incrementally, partly due to the strain that inflation puts on earners with little to no savings.

Rally Focus and Key Issues

At Thursday’s rally in Crotona Park, Trump is rumored to mention the economy, crime, and immigration—three key issues of his campaign. He will also speak of inflation under Biden as a threat, especially during his campaign.

In Bronx County, 77% of the people are Black or Hispanic, and this is based on the 2022 population census. Vice President Biden also scooped the county with 67 votes. Six percentage points in the year 2020.

Biden has had a series of activities and events dedicated to African American voters, including delivering the commencement speech to Morehouse College, where he recalled the billions of dollars given to HBCUs by the administration. Biden has also targeted Trump and other Republicans for criticizing efforts to promote equity and inclusion in the country’s institutions.

Campaigning rallies have often been in direct conflict with legal proceedings that the president has faced on various criminal and civil charges. He is on trial for an attempt to mislead the banks about a hush money payment to Stormy Daniels for the year 2016, before the elections. County Court Thirteen jurors could reach a verdict as soon as next week.

In April, Trump travelled to a convenience store in Harlem, New York, Manhattan borough of New York City, a black-populated area that has for years supported the Democrats.

In an event that was held when he was addressing Black conservatives in South Carolina in February before the state’s primary election, Trump claimed that the four criminal cases being made against him are as discriminated against as Black Americans are to which the audience said have come to embrace his mug shots, as reported by Reuters.

Contextualizing Trump’s Rhetoric

But it is crucial to note that the charges against Trump, including federal charges for his alleged attempt to subvert the outcome of the 2020 election and improperly storing and transporting classified documents, are not in any way connected to historic racism and the antiblack violence Black Americans have suffered at the hands of the justice system.