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Using Steel Wool When SHTF

Using steel wool when SHTF is not exactly one of the top ideas to conceive. I mean, you could have steel wool somewhere at home without even knowing that it could save your life one of these days. Despite that it’s been around for hundreds of years, the survival uses of steel wool are still obscure in some quarters. Let’s look at six ways of using steel wool when SHTF.


6 Ways Of Using Steel Wool When SHTF


Start A Fire


With steel wool & batteries, you can start a fierce fire. All you have to do is rub your battery’s leads with steel wool and add tinder as sparks appear. Fire made. Multiple AAA or AA batteries work just fine, but a 9V make is the best you can use. Meanwhile, cotton balls are excellent tinder for igniting flames.

Eliminate Rust


Rusty equipment is a big turn off in looks and quality. Yet, firearms, vehicles, and gear are all susceptible to rust over time. Fortunately, steel wool is one effective material to remove rust. So, if —suddenly— you develop an interest in your grandpa’s rifle, you don’t have to spend much to get rid of its rustiness.

Sharpen Scissors


Scissors are an excellent tool, particularly as a first-aid tool or when you need kids’ help with specific tasks. However, they are nearly useless when the blades go dull (like all knives). Well, look no further, all you have to is cut through steel wool with your scissors, and you’re good to go

Maintain Gardening Equipment


If you’re a homesteader, you’ll be devoting plenty of time to the tending of your garden, as it is your basic source of nutrition (and maybe income). Your gardening equipment has to be in excellent form, therefore. Else, you’ll be having a hard time with cultivation. Keep your tools in great form using dampened steel wool, 000 grade.

Repel Rodents


Trust your rodent friends to ransack your food stockpile at every given (even not given) opportunity. Keeping them at bay is, therefore, a priority. However, doing away with rodents is much like getting rid of actual friends: it can be tricky to do. Steel wool to the rescue. By using steel wool to stuff the access holes or cracks to your stockpile, you can effectively keep rats and mice out. Remember that these guys eat about anything and will therefore try to eat their way through the steel wool… and that’s them eating to death.

Tighten Loose Nuts & Screws


In an actual SHTF situation, you’ll not have the opportunity to stop by the hardware store to replace poor parts. So, you have to improvise, using what you have to execute repairs over and over again. If you find the hole too big as you attempt to screw a loose hole, you can always use steel wool to wound around the crew & make it fit.

Conclusion on Using Steel Wool When SHTF


As you can see, there are ways of using steel wool when SHTF. The good news is that there are even more uses for this inexpensive gear. You can use steel wool to hide footsteps, clean knives, finish woodwork, and remove scuff marks from shoes. Do you think there are other ways of using steel wool that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know.