Is Your TV Watching YOU? 7 Tips To Avoid The Great American Wiretap

CIA Informant Exposes The Truth Behind A Wiretapped America

Discover The Dumb Truth Behind Your “Smart” Devices…

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Do you find it hard to believe that high tech hackers can tap into your TV?  So did I…until I saw this:

So what can you do to help hide your most personal information from high tech hackers?

This 31-page booklet gives you a quick recap of all the ways the government could be watching you. It’s an interesting read and, at only $5.95, its worth the price of postage and can definitely drum up some interesting conversation around the dinner table. **Be aware that they do loop you into a 14-day trial of their Family Survival System that has some great information, but will cost you around $39.99 per month should you decide to remain a member. One of the parts I found most interesting is how some of the most “sci-fi” seeming things (like a hacker taking control of your car and driving it off of a cliff) aren’t sci-fi anymore. Want to know what else this book has to offer?

Snag one now and find out for yourself.

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I had a friend lend this booklet to me to read, and I’ll admit when I saw the cover… it made me raise my eyebrow. I still question how many of us are actually being watched vs how many of us are just paranoid about being watched. Frankly, it would be a fairly boring reality show if they were watching me… lots of hours eating Doritos on the couch and playing fetch with my dog. But while I have my own concerns about the validity of being watched… it was interesting to see how far our technology has come and how these “smart devices” could be used to harm us.

It’s also good to note that, while this booklet focuses on the government hacking into your home and spying on you, it opens up the fact that high-tech burglars could do the exact same thing. They could hack into your home security system and get a bird’s eye view of all your goods without ever picking the lock on your front door.

They can also get a good time frame of when you’ll be home and when you won’t… that way they can make the perfect plan to relieve you of your possessions without racing against the clock.

~ Joe Marshall

The Good:

Informative: The book pulls quite a few juicy tidbits from wiki-leaks that will help you know where you’re vulnerable and how to patch the holes in your cyber security.

Quick Read: I read this book in about an hour. It’s not filled with fluff and filler, just straight information. (This is both a good and a bad thing- see below for more information).

7 Actionable Steps To Secure Your Privacy: The last 5 pages of the book are the most important in my opinion. That is where the 7 tips that will help you secure your privacy from hackers, snoops, and the CIA actually live. Some of them are really common-sense suggestions… but a few of them were nice nuggets of wisdom that I would never have thought of.

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The Bad:

A Little Too Light: Wire Tapped America makes some great points, but I found it severely lacking in in-depth information. I’m hoping they will come out with an extended edition because, after putting the book down, I spent hours on my own researching and expanding on the information that it stirred up.

Fear-mongering:  I’ll admit reading this raised the hair on the back of my neck, but there was a bit too much fear-mongering. It shows that your TV can be hacked to spy on you, but it fails to mention that this only works when your TV is equipped with a camera and a microphone (my research states that there are only very few TV’s that have this capability).

Why It’s Free:

This was the one thing that caught me the most off-guard…You are automatically enrolled in a 14-day trial membership to their Family Survival Systems Membership. You’ll get 14 days free, then you’ll be charged $39.95 for the monthly membership dues.  I have been involved in several survival communities, and each has its own merits. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you’d like to maintain your membership. But you have a full 2 weeks to try it out and see what’s inside.

I just wish they were a little more up-front about the membership.

Remember, the membership is 100% optional – you can say no and it won’t affect your free knife belt.  But if you’ve got a few minutes, listen to what they have to offer…it might be something you’re interested in.

Shipping & Handling:

Shipping is $5.95 and it comes to your door via UPS Express.  The estimated shipping time is 7-14 days.


60-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you’re not completely thrilled with Wire Tapped America, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund you 100% of the shipping charge. That’s how confident I am that you’ll love this book!

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This is an interesting book that I wish they would have expanded a bit on.  It’s worth the shipping fee of $5.95, but I would have gladly paid more for a more filled-out book.  It’s a good way to get in the know, but you’ll want to do your own research after reading it (which is fun in its own right as far as I’m concerned 🙂 )

Are you at risk of the government spying on you?? Most likely that’s a no. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t others that would love to take a peek behind the veil. Whether it’s CIA spooks, high-tech hackers, or tech-savvy burglars, it never hurts to do everything you can to be more secure.

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