United States: Three prosecutors from Wisconsin counties have not brought up criminal demands against former President Donald Trump’s fundraising committee or a Republican state legislator who tried to unseat the Assembly speaker Robin Vos.

Ethics Commission’s Recommendations

The dissent opinion cited conflicts of interest; in some cases, the prosecutors are active members of their county’s Republican parties.

The Wisconsin Ethics Commission, which recommended earlier filing the charges, publicized both decisions in a memo drafted for the meeting on Friday. Furthermore, charges were lodged with prosecutors’ offices in three more counties. However, the commission had not yet been informed of their future actions, as reported by The Associated Press.

The ethics commission was reviewing the cases Friday to see if the prose cut is to be referred to the neighboring counties that did not want to prosecute. Eventually, the State Attorney General, Democrat Josh Kaul, will review the cases as a potential prosecutor.

The commission claims that the Trump Presidential Nomination Committee and Janel Brandtjen, a Republican state Rep. and a Trump ally, had formed a scheme with the intention to evade the campaign finance laws to support Trump’s primary challenger in the 2022 Republican primary against Vos.

Vos angered Trump by firing a former tough state Supreme Court judge, whom he had hired to investigate his discredited charge of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Vose started the investigation under Trump’s constraint, but then he distanced himself from Trump’s manipulation, which resulted in Joe Biden’s presidential term loss in Wisconsin.

Allegations of Campaign Finance Violations

Trump and Brandtjen then launched a campaign and started collecting signatures of voters to remove Vos in a primary election where Adam Steen was listed as their candidate. Trump praised Steen as the “Motivated Patriot” when endorsing him lastly before the 2022 election. Vos was the longest-serving speaker of the Assembly in Wisconsin’s history. Despite this, he was able to beat Steen by only 260 votes.

Steen was one of the leaders of the effort to recall Vos from the office.

The ethics commission charges that the Save America PAC, Brandtjen, three county Republican party officials, and Steen’s campaign devised a strategy when Tyne’s campaign sent funds totaling at least $40,000 into the effort to defeat Vos.

In their accusation, those who took advantage of Wisconsin’s state law that permits unlimited contributions to political parties, but then, a fraud was committed in channeling the money illegally to Steen. State law limits individuals from donating $1000 to assembly candidates.

The ethics commission suggested that charges should be filed against the Trump fundraising network, Brandtjen, two other individuals, eight counties, and three Republican County parties.

The prosecutors in Chippewa, Florence, and Langlade counties refused to file these cases in their courtrooms. They felt that the district attorneys in Racine, St. Croix, and Waukesha counties were also investigating their allegations.

Prosecutorial Responses

DA Chippewa County Wade Newell said that he would not prosecute because he is a member of the county Republican Party, which could also be preferred.

Florence County DA Doug Drexler wrote a letter to the commission that his application was being rejected because the fact that he had been a party member for over 30 years and had provided legal services for people belonging to the Republican Party was a conflict of interest, as reported by The Associated Press.

Kelly Hayes, the Langlade County District Attorney’s contact, did not return when I left a message to request comments on Friday.