Former U.S. President Donald Trump

Ex-President Sets Stage with Florida, Pennsylvania Rallies Amid VP Decision

Trump’s preparatory plans for the next rallies and consideration of the VP reveal more of his tactical areas of concern and states as the election campaign season progresses.
Ex-U.S. Officials Condemn Administration's Role in Gaza Conflict

Ex-U.S. Officials Condemn Administration’s Role in Gaza Conflict

The resignations of 12 former U. S. officials demonstrate two internal debates regarding the Biden administration’s stance on Israel amidst the war in Gaza.
Republican competitor, Donald Trump and U.S. President Joe Biden

Clash between Presidents Over Economic Records in Heated Debate

The current battle between Biden and Trump involved their differing interpretations of their economic agenda as well as the state of the economy and the upcoming election.
High Court's Decision Overturns Mayor's Conviction

High Court’s Decision Overturns Mayor’s Conviction, Sets New Precedent

High Court decision of reversing former Indiana mayor’s corruption conviction influences future state and local bribery cases.
Paris Hilton American media personality and businesswoman

Hilton Testifies Before Congress on Foster Care System Reform

Paris Hilton statement should bring awareness on how US child welfare system needs to be reformed in order to put children’s needs first.
Hunter Biden American attorney and businessman

Controversy Continues: Hunter Biden Seeks Retrial on Firearms Charges

Hunter Biden’s attorneys state that the trial procedural violations are sufficient grounds for a retrial, intending to appeal the verdict. It showcases current discussions and controversies on constitutional provisions and gun control.
High-stake appeal involving the “Dewberry” trademark case

High-Stakes Battle: Supreme Court Takes On ‘Dewberry’ Trademark Dispute

High-stake appeal involving the “Dewberry” trademark case potentially restates guidelines on finding corporate responsibility in trademark violation.
Former U.S. President Donald Trump

Former President Battles Special Counsel Appointment in Court

The outcome of these legal cases may alter Trump’s political position and the next election in a tremendous way.
Former U.S. President Donald Trump

Ex-President’s Campaigns, Slams Now-President’s Economic Record

Trump has plans to relaunch his economic policy and also try to fight Biden’s policies as the 2024 campaign gains momentum across the state of Wisconsin.
Bill to Accelerate Nuclear Energy Development Clears Senate

Bill to Accelerate Nuclear Energy Development Clears Senate

The U.S. Senate has approved a bipartisan bill to advance innovative nuclear reactor technologies in a bid to increase nuclear power capability and fix stiff regulatory hurdles.